Mr Robot – The FBI Evidence Board

FBI Evidence BoardOne of the craziest moments in Season Two’s finale was Agent Dom’s revelation of the FBI’s evidence board in which viewers (and by proxy, Darlene, who immediately utters a crisp and flabbergasted “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me”) learn that the seemingly inept bureau was on top of everything all along.

It was a complete 180° from the earlier glimpses of how they conduct their investigation (sans Dom’s hyper-awareness) from clumsily handling crime scenes to letting key players like Mobley off the hook – although in hindsight, it kind of makes sense considering that her superior stated “top to bottom, not bottom top”. That said, prior to this, our idea of their evidence board probably resembled this shot:

21 Jump Street Evidence Board

Infiltrate the Valley Girl, Find The Lead Hacker!

So, Darlene’s reaction was completely understandable given the meticulous detail on that board, and the fact that she had no idea Tyrell was a major part all along.

What exactly was on that board? With the benefit of 1080 (not necessarily high-def) and some freeze frame bonus, let’s take a look at some of the entries and see where they’re at and how it bodes for our cast.


AllSafe CybersecurityHigh up on the board is AllSafe, and since these guys have nothing to do with the 5/9 hack, their section is pristine and all safe (pun intended). Of note though, is that no foul play is mentioned on Gideon’s death, at least as far as the board is concerned. His portrait also has the third most connections just short of Elliot and Darlene’s network. Strangely, Ollie’s doesn’t have any link to Angela – so his covert attempt at recording the conversation with Angela appear to be his idea alone.

Trivia: Ollie’s email apparently has an auto responder activated and the response is typical Ollie weaseling.

E Corp

E CorpThis part is a little more interesting. Susan Jacobs (the Smarthome-owning company lawyer in case you forgot) is listed only as Missing so they’re not suspecting anything out of the ordinary yet, although it’s interesting to know where the house on the outline points to, whether they’re aware already that fsociety used it as an HQ. It’s weird to see that Sharon Knowles is listed as a “Suspect in homicide” given that she’s the victim but we can certainly see Joanna’s masterstroke of implicating the husband working.

Trivia: Terry Colby’s AOL email is just about right. The Blackberry-using, out of touch bastard.

Angela Moss

Angela MossSurprisingly for a “person of interest”, Angela’s evidence board entry is lacking in any information. This could either mean that Agent Dom’s pursuit of her is largely based on suspicions she pieced together on her own or they’re not too keen on updating the board, but it’s likely the former. And if the end credits of the season finale’s implication that Angela is a lot more involved than we think, then Agent Dom is “light years” behind.

Trivia: There’s a short scribble on her E Corp ties that says On FBI Floor, No Surveillance Tapes therefore putting to rest any possible theories regarding video evidence of what she was doing on a restricted area.

Joanna Wellick

Joanna WellickLooks like they’ve done their homework on Joanna (being the wife and all of the prime suspect), including her bodyguard. They even have the parking attendant that watched over Tyrell’s abandoned vehicle. Surprisingly, they don’t have her new boytoy under surveillance.

Trivia: Kareem’s (the parking attendant) cause of death is “homicide”, exactly the result intended with their staged murder.

The Dark Army

The Dark ArmyThe details on this section is fairly light. Cisco, we already knew was allied with the Dark Army and this confirms (if it wasn’t obvious enough) that he was the casualty at the diner shootout. Gao Xun is most likely the guy that he keeps in contact with on the library accompanied by two burly Balinese mask-wearing goons. They don’t suspect the Chinese Minister of State Security yet and understandably have zero information regarding the elusive Whiterose.

Trivia: The Beijing FBI assassins are officially listed as being affiliated with the Dark Army, but no info yet on a similar attack on the diner.


FSocietyOne of the more eye-opening sections on the board given the incredible attention to detail. They have the guy whom Darlene stole the gun from which had the bullet casing that was recovered from the “Fun Society” arcade. They even have the detail on the cellmate that gave Romero the keys to the arcade, as well as the minivan they hacked to get into Steel Mountain.

Trivia: They don’t have a picture of Trenton, and she’s listed as Missing along with Mobley.

Elliot Alderson

ElliotAmazingly – well not really, given how perpetually cautious and wary he is except for the Flipper miscue – the FBI has nothing much on Elliot other than Shayla and the fact that he was incarcerated for the aforementioned dog-napping. They do have an arrow pointed to the “Fsociety” section but he’s outside of it, so it’s not clear yet why they did that. Judging from the outline, they don’t think he’s the Fsociety leader nor the prime suspect in the 5/9 hacks.

Trivia: His alias is listed as “Samsepiol” – the lack of spacing suggests that this is the IRC handle and not the social engineering name he used during the Steel Mountain infiltration (and Wikipedia page).

Tyrell Wellick

Tyrell WellickFor much of the second (and latter parts of the first) season we were probably wondering what made the FBI think Tyrell’s the man responsible for 5/9 when he’s just a spoke on the wheel. He’s no different from Sara Tancredi who left the infirmary door unlocked so the Fox River Eight could escape. The FBI appeared to be following the wrong lead, and it’s a dead lead too considering that Elliot killed him.

Turns out they were right. Not only is Tyrell alive, he had a bigger role than we thought – and it’s strongly hinted that he’s been complicit since the start. As far as Season Four is concerned, there’s nothing much that will change with the FBI’s approach (he’s the prime suspect since day one after all) although we’re interested to know how he’s connected with Angela and what exactly his “love” for Elliot means.


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