How To Dress Like Darlene Mr Robot

Darlene Mr Robot

Darlene from Mr Robot is great for the show.  Not only does she have great style but an attitude that compliments it.

Like Sam Esmail and his creative team, we care about our audience; we really do. That’s why when we published a “How To Dress Up Like Elliot” piece several months back and one of the comments asked us to make a Darlene one, it was good as done. Not only is Darlene one of the more popular characters of the show but her fashion sense and over-all look just screams to be emulated.

Unfortunately there were plenty of ideas and topics that required more attention putting this idea in the back for a while (we did throw you a bone by suggesting the leg cast on a previous article), but the delay actually worked in its favor with Halloween just a few days away. If you still don’t have anything to wear – be it a girl or a guy (yes, you read that right) – here’s a neat little guide on how you can dress up like everyone’s favorite lolita hacker.

Heart Sunglasses
Sunglass Spot – $5 and up

Despite wearing it for only a couple of appearances, it’s an iconic part of her wardrobe and self-described “lolita” personality. You can also mix it up with round frames (which she’s also fond of wearing) but that’s a bit more difficult to discern as her.

Darlene Heart Sunglasses

Khaki Military Jacket
Lord and Taylor – $88

Darlene has an affinity for military-inspired jackets (possibly one of the few tastes she shares with her pops) and they do tend to look more expensive with each episode. The cheapest looking are the surplus khaki style or popularly known as an M-65. Her version is a bit on the feminine side so the giant pockets are more compact and has an over-all slim-fitting look compared to the usual baggy cut. You should be able to find one in your nearby army surplus shop but online, the one on this link is the closest we could find complete with patches.

Darlene Military Jacket

Purple Backpack
Jansport – $26.25

In contrast to Elliot’s gigantic MOLLE-studded backpack, Darlene in Mr Robot tends to carry her stuff in a smaller, understated purple pack just enough for a purported “script kiddie’s” essentials.

Darlene Backpack

Floral Shorts
eBay – $19.99

Skimpy short shorts are a staple of Darlene’s wardrobe (got to give her long, flawless stems equal airtime) and she’s worn a bunch of them with so many different styles it’s hard to pinpoint one that can be credited as her, so we went with the one that stands out the most – the floral printed design from the infamous episode where we learn that she’s Elliot’s sister.

Darlene Floral Shorts

Leather Combat Boots
Mia Jenson – $69.95

And to cap it off are Darlene’s Mr Robot nearly knee-length, tall leather combat boots. They’re not just made for show or walking but also stomping the shit on camera phones.

Darlene Boots


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