Do You Want to Dress Like Elliot

One of the few things that qualify as unrealistic in Mr. Robot is probably Elliot Alderson’s literally miniscule wardrobe. I mean sure, we’ve met our fair share of reclusive archetypes before that have little regard for their choice of wardrobe or hygiene, but Elliot simply takes the cake. The only times we really see him without his patented “prowler” outfit is when he’s in the office (for professional reasons), during post-coital nicotine sessions, or when he’s undergoing withdrawal.

On the flipside, Elliot is a godsend for the wardrobe department and to some who admire his au naturel approach to style. Or maybe you just dig a few specific items from Elliot and want to incorporate it in your arsenal as a form of slavish worship or geek conversation piece? Either way, we got you covered!

Backpack: Tactical Pack

Elliot's Backpack

First up is Elliot’s jet black tactical backpack that may seem overkill considering that the only gear we’ve seen him haul and yank off it is a laptop. That said, it has a very unobtrusive design devoid of labels or distinguishing marks, making it incredibly difficult for viewers to pinpoint the precise manufacturer. It looks like the widely popular 5.11 Rush 24 backpack at first, but the compression straps don’t match the high-res photos of the pack Elliot wears. The Mil-Tec MOLLE Assault 36-liter pack is another model that’s been mentioned frequently as well as the 3V Gear Velox II Tactical Assault pack. At any rate, as long as it’s black and tactical with a bevy of MOLLE attachments, no one is the wiser!

Haircut: “Undercut”

Elliot Haircut

Commonly referred to simply as an “undercut” – you can get any barber to cut yours in that fashion easily, although you probably have one already considering it’s a hugely popular cut these days. Which begs the question: does Elliot have his own shears or (shudder to think) makes frequent trips to the barber shop? I have a hard time picturing the latter as Elliot squirms unpleasantly on his chair, haunted by hallucinations of being murdered via razor.

Pants: Denim Jeans

Elliot Jeans

Possibly a pair of the tight Cheap Mondays or Levi’s Capital E, nothing is particular as long as it’s pitch black and doesn’t have elastics as actor Rami Malek stresses.

Shoes: Chuck Taylor High-tops

Elliot Shoes

Hard to tell if it’s canvas or full grain leather, but it looks like Elliot’s choice of footwear are the always dependable Chuck Taylor All-Stars high-tops in the familiar monochromatic tinge (that extends to the soles) which he loves. It makes sense for Elliot given its casual, minimalist style and rugged durability – perfect for the hacker on the move.

Jacket: Black Cotton Hoodie

Elliot Hoodie

Arguably the piece of clothing that defines Elliot’s look. Nary is a scene complete without him wearing it, and it’s also quite uncommon to see him without his head obscured on the hood either. On paper, it looks like a typical black hoodie from the local outlet strip, but in reality it’s a $325 vintage B:Scott hoodie that in universe, would run counter to what Elliot fights for. Then again, the designer argues that you’re paying for the USA production and not sweatshops which I suppose, Elliot is fine with. But nah, you can stick with the outlet malls.

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  1. I found a sneaker made by Rag & Bone, the model is called the ‘Standard Issue’. It’s and all black high top that very well may be ‘the’ shoe.

    It would run parallel with the B. Scott hoodie as it is also quite expensive.

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