Where We Were Right, and Where We Were Wrong

Where We WereSam Esmail notoriously enjoys screwing around with his audience and making absolute fools out of them by dynamically introducing plot twists that continue to shock and defy even the most seasoned viewer. At times he will drop crumbs that are contrived and easy (like the “Ghost Dad” trope) but pull the rug under us with something completely off left field (the “prison” reveal).

For this piece, we take a look back at some of our previous articles and check how close we were in predicting how the storylines would play out for bragging rights and to be tough on our own asses.

The One Who Knocks The One Who Knocks
Verdict: Correct

The season one finale ended (well technically there was a stinger) with Elliot answering a frantic knock on the door before a smash cut to the end credits, leaving viewers hanging as to who was the guy knocking. We were a tad non-committal on this one due to the many possible variations each having their own merit, but we did separate each scenario as to what was least likely and the most probable.

Looking back, we had Darlene pegged under “Likely” due to an earlier case of her knocking the same way, although the circumstances as to why she was knocking was somewhat correct (“maybe just accompany him”). For much of Season Two, we were led to believe that a door knocking sequence tucked in early (which was a flashback on how Elliot masterminded his employment at AllSafe and the ECorp Hack and shared it with Darlene) was the answer to the door knock question. But we will later find out that it was the cops responding to Lenny’s earlier admission that he had the authorities looking at Elliot for a while now for dognapping “Flipper” – and setting up an even bigger reveal that he was incarcerated all along. We’re proud to say that we called it (“…the one that makes the most sense”) although it’s arguably one of the easiest predictions to make.

What's Next For ElliotWhat’s Next for Elliot
Verdict: Somewhat correct

There are plenty of topics that Season Two will obviously address – the infamous knock, how ECorp will bounce back from the the 5/9 Hack, more of White Rose, and (more on it later) Tyrell’s fate. But we didn’t really know how Elliot’s storyline will play out, so we speculated a ton on some scenarios.

We were hit and miss on this article – some of the most egregious examples of our “misses” was Elliot being abducted by ECorp to work for them under duress as well as using his hacking skills to elude capture from the authorities – both instances being cliché as hell, and couldn’t be any farther from the nature of the hacking scenes exhibited by Elliot in the season.

But we were right on track on the others – like his relationship with Angela going to the next level (if that big damn kiss on the train is worth anything), more attempts of him extricating Mr. Robot out of his system (culminating on one of the top highlights of the series), Elliot kind of backsliding to drugs, and being in seclusion (if you count his “mother’s house” as one).

Flippers and QwertyFlipper and Qwerty
Verdict: Fail

We speculated that we were bound to see Qwerty and Flipper (the latter more so given that he was instrumental in taking Elliot down) later in the season but none of them showed up. The closest was the fish on a leaking aquarium in Angela’s David Lynchian black room scene, but that’s reaching.

Agent DomAgent Dom’s Direction
Verdict: Incomplete

Grace Gummer’s portrayal of Agent Dominique DiPierro was one of the newest additions to the show and immediately grew into one of the more interesting characters because you never know what direction her seemingly Inspector Javert-ish character was headed, making it difficult for us to speculate. For the most part, we assumed she had parallels with Elliot for being lonely and quirky – but we were also under the impression that she’s going to be an ally soon. So far we’ve barely scratched the surface on her story arc so we’re leaving this as “incomplete” for now.

Tyrell's FateTyrell Wellick’s Fate
Verdict: Epic Fail

There’s no way around this: we fucked up this prediction. In a nutshell, our theory centered around Tyrell merely being a figment of Elliot’s imagination. How else, do you explain him showing up where Elliot goes to and seems to second guess what he’s thinking? Even Elliot seemed to think so – until a bullet jogged his senses and put a nix on the whole “Tyrell doesn’t exist!” thing that has persisted since the first season.

There’s an explanation for all of these, as the season finale showed, and it makes sense. All that’s left unanswered is how far does their partnership extend back. It doesn’t change the fact though, that this author looked like a big time dummy.

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