What’s In Store for Season 3?

The Mr. Robot fandom was in stitches a couple of weeks ago after Sam Esmail tweeted a hilarious “script leak” of Season Three. The picture of the supposed script blurb features a familiar dialogue between Krista and Elliot in which the former prompts her patient on what “bothers him about society so much” to which Elliot (instead of his long tirade about Tom Brady, Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong) dryly points out Donald Trump being elected as the new President of the United States. A witty divergent from the original exchange and while it’s something that could easily have worked in universe, Esmail promised that “The Donald” will indeed figure into the new season somehow, contributing to the existing economic chaos that Fsociety facilitated.

That being said, the second season left us hanging with more questions and storylines than the first. Makes us super excited for season 3, right?

In fact, we got TWO stingers at the season finale that had us racing to the internets and comparing notes with everyone else – that’s on top of the many others that we still do not have answers for. Such is the power of this awesome show and in this piece, we try to list some of the plots and characters that we hope get addressed and speculate on how it might probably turn out.

Joanna Wellick’s “Plan”
Joanna Wellick
In a series filled with enigmatic characters whose motivations and end game are always shifting and unclear, it’s almost easy to forget that Joanna’s is just as abstract and hard to get a read on. For much of the second season, she has been relegated to tracking down Tyrell, ultimately deducing who was truly sending those cryptic messages with the aid of Elliot (or “Ollie” in her mind, heh).

But before the finale concluded, we are treated to the classic Joanna we all remember – hatching a plot to possibly frame Scott Knowles for the deaths of his wife and unborn child by having the shit kicked out of her and getting her boyfriend to act as a tipster of sorts. The third season will undoubtedly explore the process and fallout of this plan, we’re just not sure how exactly it fits in the big picture considering that the authorities are after Tyrell for his role in the 5/9 hacks and not the Sharon Knowles murder – but knowing Joanna, there’s a method to all this madness.

Trenton and Mobley’s Future

 Trenton and MobleyPresumed dead since the two colluded to escape the FBI grid, Trenton and Mobley were later revealed to be… “Buy More” sales clerks. Not exactly laying low considering that it’s not a dramatic departure from computers, but let’s work with that. The clincher though, is that Leon (heavily implied to be a Dark Army operative) was able to somehow track them down with a vague proposition. Is he going to exploit their talents in conjunction with future Dark Army hacking phases? Most likely, and Esmail mentioned that Leon would be an important character in Season Three and the former Fsociety pair will surely play a part in that.

Darlene, Agent Dom and the Big Board

 Darlene and Agent DomOne of the bigger reveals in Season Two is that the FBI weren’t such dummies all along – their evidence board has all of the major players complete with email addresses, arrests, known vehicles, and what ties them all together. Even the Tyrell theory that they’ve been following (to which we have been laughing at the entire time with our “he’s dead, you idiots!” know-it-all tone) was correct, and Elliot is in there as well although we’re not sure of the extent of his inclusion there or he was simply listed given his computer background and being Darlene’s brother.

Basically, the FBI is on the level – and what happens to Darlene after, is also interesting. Will she cooperate? Or will Agent Dom pull off a Tommy Lee Jones version of Inspector Javert and “side” with Fsociety to take out the bigger fish involved which is the Dark Army?

Angela Moss’s True Colors

 Angela MossNot only was Angela the star of quite possibly the weirdest segment in the show’s short run (hell, maybe the entire TV history in general outside Twin Peaks) in which she’s locked in a dark room being interrogated by her child counterpart with awkward questions projected on a Commodore – the stinger on the season finale was even more fucked up and pretty much made us re-examine who the hell Angela is.

Was she really as innocent as she seems or complicit and aware to everything that happened? How does she know Tyrell and why does she talk to him like some kind of clever puppet master stroking her beard? We’re just as perplexed as you guys are and this is what we are looking forward to the most next season – and we’re hoping that we don’t get the middle episode before we get an answer. For sure what answers we get, it also ties up to Tyrell and Elliot’s as well.

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