Tyrell Wellick Killed in Fake Swedish Terror Attack?

If our favourite Swedish psychopath weren’t on the run in New York, but instead at home visiting relatives in Sweden, Tyrell Wellick could very well have been not killed when terrorists didn’t attack Sweden and no-one died. After Trump’s latest fake news story, we thought we’d take a look back at the times Mr Robot created fake news stories…

Fake News - Tyrell

So, of course Tyrell hasn’t been killed in a terrorist attack in Sweden. You may even think it’s a little silly but we’ve deliberately used this ridiculous example to highlight something very real… Trump’s Swedish terrorist attack is no more real than Tyrell Wellick.

Swedish authorities have not launched a nationwide manhunt, and do not want to question these four terror suspects in connection with the non-explosion.

Fake News ABBA

The difference is, when Mr Robot fans and intelligent people see the above headline, or this:

or see Whistleblower and self-confessed Mr Robot fan, Edward Snowden appear in an episode…

Fake News - Snowden

Or FBI director, James Comey (who played his own part in the election of Trump) name-checked in the show…

Fake News - Comey

Or Elliot hacking the FBI with a Swiss Army knife and collection of toenail clippings…

Fake News - Hack

We know it’s a piece of fiction.

The trouble is, your average Fox and Friends viewer cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality.

So while very real news of terrorism against Muslims, like white supremacist and Trump supporter Alexandre Bissonnette killing six people in a Quebec mosque is largely ignored, Trump and his cohort’s fake news stories are cold, pre-meditated, bare-faced lies designed to whip up more hatred and more division.

I wanted to start the next sentence with “When this Republican administration…” but these aren’t Republicans, they are white supremacists.

Let me start again, Trump and his Fourth Reich aren’t simply making mistakes through ineptitude, these fake news stories are very deliberate, intelligent and calculated acts.

And together with words like “The news media are the enemy of the American people” also happen to be the first steps towards dictatorship.

The news media are not the enemy. Trump is the enemy, and anyone who doesn’t believe it, well just you wait until they come for you, goosestepping in their jackboots.

The Swedish people stood with us at The Bowling Green Massacre, now we stand with Sweden.

3 thoughts on “Tyrell Wellick Killed in Fake Swedish Terror Attack?”

  1. Wow. And I thought there was some intelligence to this site.
    The fact you make up a fake news story based on a fake news story that was never told is astounding.
    If you read beyond headlines, you’d know he didn’t say there was an attack.
    He insinuated one, but that still is made up by reporters assuming, not fact.

    Nicely done.

  2. It’s disappointing that a potentially fun article had to be twisted the way it was. While it is troubling that so many people only get their news from Fox, this rhetoric is no better. If you struggle to differentiate America from nazi Germany or the Republican party from white supremacists, then you are part of the problem.

  3. Hey dipshit author of this article: you are a complete idiot and a useful one at that. Congrats on being a tool of the left and for falling for the media’s blatant mis-characterizations of both the Republican party and Trump. Go walk through a refugee dominant neighboorhood in Stockholm and let me know how that works out for you, fucking ijit. I am a Republican and I can assure you I am not a white supremacist, my wife is not white nor are the 3 children I did the immigration paperwork myself after I adopted them to bring them into this country so FUCK YOU BITCH

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