On The Third Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

Hello Roboteers, welcome to the third day of the Mr Robot Hacks Christmas Countdown!

Yesterday we took a look (listen!) to Mac Quayle’s stunning Mr Robot Original Soundtrack, but today, we’re gonna get back to our tech roots with a tiny treat for all you hackers and (Christmas) crackers!

We love our TED Talks here at Mr Robot Hacks HQ and, although this one is called The Dark Net isn’t what you think, I swear this is the first and only ever TED talk that doesn’t begin with the line “Forget everything you know”

Which made us remember Elliot’s very first opening lines in S01E01 would kinda make a good TED Talk.

Third - Times Square

Can you imagine Elliot standing on a stage – hoodie up, backpack on – in front of thousands of peeps saying:

“Hello Friends, I’m Elliot Alderson. First, Forget everything you know – what I’m about to tell you is top secret, a conspiracy bigger than all of us. There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about.The guys that are invisible. The top one percent of the top one percent. The guys that play God without permission.”

That would be the best. TED Talk. Ever. Well, maybe second best. Definitely third.

Unfortunately, it’s only in our imaginations at the moment. But until it does come true, grab your headphones, pull that Elliot Alderson / Grim Reaper black hoodie over your noggin and for the next quarter hour let Alex Winter, yes Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure tell you all about The Dark Web which featured in Mr Robot when Elliot was in jail.

Apart from being buddies with Keanu Reeves, Alex is now a documentary maker – to find out more, here’s the trailer for his 2015 movie Deep Web.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas Countdown treat, until then, in the words of William S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan…

Third - Bill & Ted

“Be excellent to each other!”

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