How Did Stephanie Corneliussen Hack Her Real-Life Stalker?

If you’re anything like us here at Mr Robot Hacks, after watching too much Mr Robot, fact and fiction can kinda become intertwined. As illusion and reality perform a ritualistic mating dance around each other, it becomes more and more difficult to separate them, so just imagine what it must be like for the actors working on the show! Actors like Stephanie Corneliussen…

Stephanie Corneliussen - photo

What’s a girl to do when she plays the most cold and calculating character since Lady Macbeth and something bad happens, like a deranged stalker threatens you? Do you call the cops or take matters into your own hands and let the character you play take over and wreak your revenge?

Not in a Heath Ledger being taken over by The Joker way, but more in a Daniel Day-Lewis laying cable in the woods, method acting way!

Well, in true Mr Robot fashion, you’re gonna have to read to the end to find out exactly what the Danish beauty did, but for the moment, let’s just say:

Don’t get on the wrong side of Stephanie Corneliussen!

Stephanie Corneliussen - Tyrell

Since moving to Los Angeles, the 29-year-old model-turned-actress (a term she doesn’t like) and star of Mr Robot and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow attracted some unwanted attention.

What started out as internet trolling took a turn to the dark side as the man in question threatened to set her on fire. If that wasn’t bad enough, he asked other people to try to do the same. I mean, seriously folks, what is wrong with people?


If you think this is a tall tale and the public hurting celebrities is unlikely, spare a thought for British TV presenter Jill Dando who was shot and killed answering her front door to her murderer. The “severely mentally impaired” Barry George (who was allegedly obsessed with her and had pictures of her plastered all over his home) was charged with her murder but later acquitted due to police mistakes while gathering evidence.

That was in 1999 but now, in the digital age, it’s even easier to stalk celebrities, which sets up some interesting moral questions about privacy, surveillance and the anonymity that the internet provides… or, luckily for Stephanie Corneliussen, doesn’t provide.

Stephanie Corneliussen - Elliot

Without her onscreen bodyguard, Mr Sutherland to take the deviant out with an injection and bullet to the head, Miss Stephanie Corneliussen decided to turn the tables to hack the hacker.

In an interview with PostMedia Network, she stated“Personally, my take on Joanna is that she is not victimized. However, it’s sort of that philosophy of Sun Tzu that says, when you are weak, appear strong, and when you are strong, appear weak. So she plays into that militant writing of Sun Tzu.”

Taking the legendary Chinese general and author of The Art of War to heart, within thirty minutes of channelling her inner Joanna Wellick, and a few glasses of Chardonnay, she had tracked the bastard down; finding out his name, phone number and employer!

And, after finding all of his online social media content, she went ahead and…

Well, how about we let her explain it in her own inimitable style?

“One more peep out of you, motherfucker… one more peep…”

In the ultimate act of Girl Power, she shut down one disgusting, abusive and deranged man.

Granted, she comes across as rather brash in this TV interview, but wouldn’t you have a few choice words if the same happened to you?

Remember the guy threatened to kill her by setting her on fire.

While she should have also reported the incidents to the police, Mr Robot Hacks says:

“Way to go, Stephanie Corneliussen! We salute your bravery and we’re proud of your mad hacking skillz”

If you’ve been victim to cyberbullying, remember there are people out there who can help you.

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