On The Sixth Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

In Germany and Holland, the sixth of December marks St. Nicholas Day. And just like Hobbits have a second breakfast, those crazy Europeans have two Christmases! St Nicholas Day is celebrated with gifts of chocolate and toys.

Mr Robot Hacks doesn’t have the technology to gift you chocolate over the internet (we’re working on it) but we can bring you a treat to uplift your souls as the nihilistic horror that is mid-winter approaches!

This video has been cropped for Youtube, but the opening of the sixth episode of season two was one of our favorite moments of the season and if you experienced the same feelings of as we did, it went something like this:

“Have I got the right channel?”
Mo disbelief
Laughter at the show’s sheer, brave audacity 

“Please tell me you’re seeing this too”

Sixth - sitcom

Those opening fifteen minutes were some of the bravest, most audacious in recent television history but because of the comedy and light-heartedness, much of Sam Esmail and writer Adam Penn’s ingenuity and sheer lunacy was lost.

Here’s one example of the genius that was lost amongst the laughter and disbelief: Watch Portia Doubleday in the fifteen seconds she appears in. It’s a meaningless moment in amongst the overall Mr Robot storyline, but the level of emotion she manages to convey in this short scene takes some serious acting chops. Remember this is actress Portia Doubleday portraying a sitcom actress also called Portia Doubleday playing a grieving Angela Moss in a sitcom within a drama! Talk about meta!

Sixth - Portia

Remember we wrote at the time how brilliantly “badly” the 1990’s sitcom was directed? (which you can read here)

This sixth episode’s best moment also landed real high on our list of Top Ten Crazy Best Moments from Season 2.

Since it’s the day of Second Christmases, here’s that extra special moment again:

There! we promised yesterday that we’d bring you something fun today! We better get our thinking caps on and come up with something special for you to share tomorrow…

Just like Santa Claus / St Nicholas, Mr Robot delivers many moments of delight but most of his work goes unnoticed, behind the scenes building toys with an army of elves at The North Pole 364 days a year. 363 if you’re German or Dutch.

And just like The North Pole, the show is dark most of the time. While trying to deliver our promise, we realised just how ominous the show is.

That means tomorrow, it will probably be business as usual as we’ve used up the two most fun moments from two seasons in one blog post so prepare yourselves! You have been warned!

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