On The Seventh Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

There are some damned talented Mr Robot fans out there and some… not so much! Some use paper and pencil, some paints and some use digital trickery to produce their art… so here, for your personal edification is The Best and Worst of Mr Robot Fan Art. Made by you, for you.

Of course, Elliot features most heavily as he’s the show’s hero but we managed to find some great (and some not so great) illustrations of our other favorite characters.

Fewer words, more action. Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Fan Art - Sound and Color

Named after the Alabama Shakes song that featured in the show, this haunting picture of Elliot is called Sound and Color and is by werona over on Deviant Art. Good skillz, werona!

Now, it’s not for us to judge which is the best and which is the worst fan art, we’ll leave that to you, but…

Fan Art - Gray

The textures here are amazing, and I kinda like vickyvuong95 from Vietnam’s idea of a bug-eyed Gray Alien / Elliot Alderson hybrid.

“Elliot…  Elliot… E.T. Phone home!”

Fan Art - Darlene

Ismael Alvarado from Venezuela portrays Carly Chaikin in a high quality, comic book light. If he’s not already a comic book artist, he should be because he has some truly fantastic art at his IsmaComics Deviant Art page…

Fan Art - Angela

Which makes this picture of Angela looking about two hundred and fifty years old all the more puzzling!

We can only guess it was the morning after the night before, and someone was having a bad day at the office!

Fan Art - Mask

It’s hard to believe that this is digital and not an oil painting. It comes from Robert, aka carts, from Canada.

Fan Art - Mosaic

While this photo-manipulation comes from andsuddenlyyouarehere from the U.K.

With fan art from around the world proving just how far Mr Robot reaches, we’ve saved the best til last!

Fan Art - Zeroes

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