Who Was Rami Malek’s Mystery Date at The Golden Globes?


In the space of what… eighteen months, Rami Malek has gone from playing Middle EasternTerrorist in Exploding Vest Number Three in 24:

Mystery Date - 24

and Egyptian Pharaoh Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum 2: Battle of The Smithsonian to Emmy winner and talk of Tinseltown.

Last night, after PWNing Jimmy Fallon in the pre-recorded Golden Globes Cold Open, Rami definitely arrived with on-screen Force-Ghost father, Christian Slater… as here’s a photo of them together on the red carpet at the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Mystery Date

Rami and Christian didn’t go home with a pair of Golden Globes for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, but it seems Rami was okay with that.

So, when Meryl Streep took to the stage to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award and the camera cut to Rami in the crowd – there was only one question on everyone’s lips…

Mystery Date 3


Mr Robot Hacks can only presume that Rami possesses real, Egyptian Pharoah magical powers and summoned Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman who ever lived to be his mystery date. That’s the only plausible explanation for such beauty!

Either that or she’s his Mummy!

To see the pair together, go to the 30-second mark in this video, or here’s a close up:

Mystery Date close up

Because we’re not Perez Hilton, we don’t know if they left the awards ceremony together or if the two are just good friends, co-stars or what – that’s why we’re asking you for all the gossip!

Whoever Rami’s mystery date is, in that great dress, she certainly provided us with our favourite Golden Globes moment.

If you have any ideas who this exotic, stunning brunette is, please let us know in the comments section as thousands of Rami Malek fans want to know (so they can find her and kill her)

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  1. If you look at the pictures on the Red Carpet, Lucy Boynton was by his side and may have been sitting on his other side in this picture. Already trying to make something out of nothing. Rami and Lucy are the couple to watch this year. I hope it lasts.

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