Mr. Robot Season Two DVD Release

Okay, we’d be the first to admit that it’s ridiculous to assume that you haven’t scheduled a pre-order yet for Mr. Robot’s Second Season home release immediately after the street date was released. Hell, if you’re pre-ordering through Amazon, you probably threw in an Amazon Echo Dot as well just to complete the package. I bet Mr Robot season 3 talks all about these new home automation devices too.

But for the uninitiated, here’s a recap of what the home releases will have:

Discs and pricing
Blu-ray will retail for $49.98 and will have three discs while the DVD is set at $34.98 and has four.

Season Two DiscDigital Copy
For the “hurr you still buy discs???” crowd, the Blu-ray will have UltraViolet. Yes, that is kind of a paradox but I guess you’d like a pristine physical copy too for collecting purposes?

The aspect ratio is 1.78:1 so that’s good news for those of you who hate that darn letterboxing.

Both discs will have 5.1 (obviously) but Blu-ray will make use of DTS-HD Master Audio while the DVD has Dolby Digital.

Special Features
In addition to the usual deleted scenes scattered across three discs and a Making Of featurette entitled “Behind_The_Mask_Mr_Robot_2.0.Mov.”, it will also come with the “Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie”. We’re not yet sure if it will be the same 8-minute clip that was made available after the episode aired in which Elliot and Darlene watched it or if it’s the full version of the “movie”.

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