Which Mr Robot Actress Received Death Threats for Mocking A Trump?

With hacks, stalkers and near-kidnappings, this “Which Mr Robot star…?” thang seems to be becoming a regular occurrence so it was only a matter of time before one cast member received death threats for innocently mocking Ivanka Trump on Twitter.

I guess that means the casting directors did a good job in finding rebellious actors and actresses for their vigilante hacker, fight the power TV Show!

It will probably come as no surprise that the actress in question was Stephanie Corneliussen – our very own Lady Macbeth, Joanna Wellick.

Mocking Steph

It all went down when Ivanka Trump tweeted to celebrate her son turning eight months old.


Apart from the alternative fact that eight months ain’t technically a birthday, Stephanie tweeted an innocent enough, light-hearted joke (though one which she since deleted so unfortunately, we can’t bring it to you.)

We can say with near certainty the tweet was innocuous because Ivanka’s response began with a LOL, agreed with Stephanie’s sentiment and was all round good-natured. I mean, she didn’t go on the warpath and threaten to sue like some people might.

Mocking Tweet

Before Making America Hate Again, that would probably have been the end of it, but not these days… just half an hour later, Stephanie tweeted that she’d just received death threats:

Mocking Retweet

But whoever made the threats against her must not have been reading Mr Robot Hacks, else they’ll know that the Danish beauty is as cold as ice and knows how to exact a swift and meaningful revenge.

Mocking joanna

because within a couple more hours she was taking names in preparation to kick down some doors!

Mocking - IPs

Working on a show like Mr Robot, you pick up mad skillz from people like friend of Mr Robot Hacks, Kor Adana – the technical producer on the show… And these mad skillz enable you to fight back on the digital front.

It’s all kinda indicative of the state of the world right now – people who hate themselves will find any reason to vent their bile, even going so far as to threaten someone’s life for making a light-hearted joke. A joke which the recipient of was fine with, by the way.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t get involved with Twitter spats and if you threatened, then it’s your right to start kicking down doors and take names… well, tracking I.P. addresses. Peace.

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