Making Sense of Mr. Robot’s Golden Globes “Snubs”

After a relatively successful 2016 that saw USA Network’s techno-thriller slash mindfuck bring home several awards – most notably a Peabody and a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor – it took everyone by surprise to see the show fail to score a bevy of nominations for this year’s Golden Globes. It’s not exactly a full on snub, but it only got two – one for Rami Malek and another for the “defending champ” Christian Slater – none for “Best Drama” which they won last year, losing it to buzzworthy newcomers despite an amazing sophomore season that drummed up quite a bit of discussion and critical appeal.

So what gives? Well, we have our suspicions albeit not as far-fetched as some corrupt conspiracy of sorts, but we’d like to share it with you nonetheless. So join us, as Mr. Robot Hacks try to make sense of it all!

The Darknet Story Arc

Darknet Story ArcWhen Ray’s character was introduced, there was no doubt he had our interest piqued.

First of all, he was played by an actor that was mostly known for comedies (Judd Apatow ones, at that) so we were curious to see this dramatic (pun intended) departure. Secondly, he seemed to know a lot about Elliot and his “Dark Passenger” when Elliot is as a recluse and enigmatic to anyone but those who can miraculously get close to him.And third, what secrets is he hiding.

We then find out later that he’s the ruthless operator of a Darkweb marketplace who has Elliot beaten to a pulp as punishment for looking into things he shouldn’t. But then all of these events are put into question as it’s shown that Elliot’s been deliberately hallucinating the entire thing and has been in prison all along – but what’s not clear is the extent of such imagination. Is Ray a warden that truly runs this operation on the side? Or is he a warden and that’s it? This was never conclusively answered and probably never will be.

Gideon’s Senseless Death

Gideon's DeathGideon was probably the only character in the show that you can conclusively consider a “good guy” – not only on the outside (he treats his employees well for the most part and a loving partner) but also on the inside as Elliot’s hack job revealed nothing incriminating about the guy’s background activities at all.

So seeing him get whacked early in the second season by a random no-namer and with absolutely no effect on the storyline whatsoever (he was literally forgotten after that), was a huge bummer, as he seemed to be on to something.

Bourgeoisie Double Jeopardy

BourgeoisieThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) realized that they already awarded a surrealist “bourgeoisie” film back in the 70s (“Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”), and can’t find it in them to nominate another show with anything “bourgeoisie” again.

Angela Moss is not Amanda Seyfried

Angela Moss is not Amanda SeyfriedAfter watching the entire first season as she attempts playing against type as a small screen ice queen turned internal crusader, the HFPA were later shocked to discover that this isn’t Lily Kane or Cosette but rather… Portia Doubleday. Ironically, when they started to stop tuning – that’s when Angela started doing Amanda Seyfried things.

Lack of Tyrell Wellick

Lack of TyrellTyrell arguably had the third-most screen time in Season One and his quest for power appeared to have no boundaries – not even cold blooded murder or going “backdoor” both literally and figuratively. When he disappeared just before the season finale, viewers were expecting to get answers as early as the next season premiere… only to get it on the finale itself.

They Haven’t Forgotten About Bill

BillThe internets are still reeling from the undeserved evisceration of Bill Harper, mild-mannered sales associate and tour guide of the Steel Mountain facility from the first season. After Elliot thoroughly crushed his spirits, he disappeared, never to be seen from again except a fantasy sequence in which Elliot seemed to atone for his actions.

Suffice to say, that doesn’t really count – and we want to see some damn closure for this poor man!

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