We Talked Exclusively With Kor Adana About What It’s Like Writing Mr Robot

We talked with Kor Adana 1 on 1 about what he and the writers are thinking when developing the relationship between Elliot and his Dad (Mr. Robot). Also we asked the question that was suggested from the Mr. Robot Reddit community what the relationship is like with Sam and the other writers. Lastly we wanted to know, where the hell is Flipper and is sidekick QWERTY?

  1. Ken: The show pushes the edge on two hot issues; mental health and the cyber warfare, why the combination?

    Kor: While there are many themes in the series, the ones that you’re asking about are directly associated with our commitment to character development and plot progression. Elliot’s struggles with Mr. Robot, his loneliness, his isolation and social awkwardness… these are all challenges that make him a relatable and empathetic character on screen. The emotional connection between you (his friend) and Elliot is why the series is able to function.Let’s think back to the pilot: I thought it was cool that Elliot was talking about Tor and taking down child pornographers, but when I saw him crying in the corner of his apartment… talking about how he has trouble handling his loneliness, that’s when I felt like he was speaking to me. Not only was he speaking to me, but I felt like he understood me. I have a feeling that many of our fans felt the same way at that point in the show. Without this kind of character investment, you’ll just have meaningless, plot-driven action.From a plot perspective, exploring the techniques and repercussions of cyber warfare allows us to move the story forward and allows for a realistic world for our characters to play in. It also gives us an opportunity to ground the world of series in reality. Cyber warfare is an issue that’s becoming more prevalent as our technology advances and our dependence on technology grows. The more we can do to steep the viewer in reality, the easier it is to accept a world where a conglomerate like Evil Corp is a sole entity in charge of 70% of the world’s debt.

  2. Ken: Sam Esmail has been VERY original with the content and shots this season. What’s the writing environment like between Sam and the writers to come up with this stuff?

    Kor: The writers’ room is a contentious environment. Sam, the other writers, and I are all very passionate about this story and engage in spirited debate about every possible path our characters could go down. Our goal is to create a compelling and satisfying story that subverts expectations. If you have a pitch, you must come prepared to defend and justify it.Regarding the cinematography, Sam is very involved in the visual aesthetic of the show. Just like with our story structure, he wants the look of Mr. Robot to be unique and unlike your typical television show. Our DP, Tod Campbell, is absolutely brilliant. The collaboration between Sam and Tod is what creates our distinct visual style.

    Sam Esmail and Flipper

  3. Ken: The Mr Robot game and VR mini-episode have been very unique with TV show promotions. Any other surprises planned for this season?

    Kor: There will be a hard copy version of Elliot’s journal that will be made available. Courtney Looney (one of our talented writers on the show) and Sam Esmail co-wrote the book together. There are also numerous easter eggs and codes hidden within the show itself. I advise you to find URLs, IP addresses, QR codes, barcodes, and number sets within the show itself. If you’re willing to step foot into a Mr. Robot ARG (alternate reality game) adventure, you’ll find some fun surprises along the way.
    Elliot's Journal

  4. Ken: Where’s Flipper? Lol

    Kor: You’ll find out soon. I promise.

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