The Geekiest Mr. Robot Swag to Help Out Your Halloween

Mr. Robot Patch

Merchandising is the exact opposite of what Elliot had in mind (in the meta sense) with the Mr. Robot “franchise” and his counter-culture shenanigans… but hey, we love the show and if there’s a way we can flaunt our appreciation for one of the best television properties right now (in addition to getting people to join the Wednesday night bandwagon) – we’ll definitely do it.

That said, we don’t want it to be too obvious like the ones readily available in USA Network’s website or the token black tees and coffee cups about “democracy being hijacked”. That’s way too easy! We want it to be a little obscure and geekier, something witty. In lieu of that, here are some Mr. Robot collectibles we were able to find (or you can “McGyver” at home) that’s a lot geekier than usual. They can be prime conversation pieces or some really awesome accessories to your upcoming Halloween wardrobe!

 The End of the World Party Poster  

The “End of The World Party” Poster
Etsy ($17)

An fsociety logo or the many permutations of Elliot mug is way too common – here’s one that’s a lot subtler, and the one that makes the most sense considering that it really was a poster in the show! A major plot device too, as Agent Dom uses it to track down Mobley via his old Angelfire page and equally embarrassing moniker.


 Defective Hard Drive Defective Hard Drive
eBay ($9.99)Sure it isn’t precisely “merchandise” but if you want to shine people on with how hardcore of a Mr. Robot fan you are, then all you got to do is make use of one of your defective hard drives lying around (or you can buy one from eBay) and use it as an ash tray. Transgender garb and Casio wrist watch not included.
 AllSafe Cybersecurity Shirt AllSafe Cybersecurity Tee
Amazon ($17.99)We probably won’t have a boss as chill as Gideon Goddard, but we can at least pay our respects to the late AllSafe Cybersecurity head (or “Village People” cop cosplayer) while also indulging our geek fantasies by pretending to be employees of the once-dependable cybersecurity firm.
 Amazon Echo Amazon Echo
Amazon ($179.99)If you immediately assumed that there’s something weird going on that this is the second straight recommendation for a product available at Amazon with a price that’s numerically similar, then you deserve a pat at the back for thinking exactly like a Mr. Robot fanboy. However, sorry to break your bubble but there’s nothing deeper behind this product mention other than it’s one of the few shows to make use of the product extensively and brilliantly using it to hammer in Agent Dom’s quirks.
 Darlene's Walking Boot Walking Boot
Sears ($52.76)It couldn’t get any more obscure than this. Whether it’s a gaffe or an optical illusion (most likely the latter), Darlene’s leg on Season 2’s first episode did seem like a walking brace. It’s a bit on the expensive side too but if you want to make an extremely geeky statement when dressing up as Darlene, you can’t go wrong with this one.
 Dark Army Mask Dark Army Mask
eBay ($19.99)Admittedly, the mask here isn’t 100% the one on the show, and it also has a strong resemblance to the Oni devil with its Japanese heritage the only argument against it. Be that as it may, given the obvious Chinese ties of Dark Army, we’re inclined to side with the Balinese mask as the probable design that the Dark Army wears with some slight alterations to make it ominously sinister instead of cartoony. It’s an excellent alternative to the obvious fsociety getups you’re bound to see on the streets.
 fsociety Lapel Pin Fsociety Lapel Pin
Etsy ($9.99)Lapel pins are all the rage these days and are great alternatives to those tiny circular button pins because of their shape and amazing detail. You can clip them on your shirt or your bag and screams “I watch the best show on TV right now… well, a few weeks ago!”. This one in particular, is the infamous fsociety mask and one of the best rendered pins I’ve seen on the internet.

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