On The Fifth Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

It seems an aeon since Shayla awkwardly happened upon her neighbor and arrived into our lives like a whirlwind. Shayla only appeared in a couple of episodes but she had a lasting impact on Elliot and the audience. So on this, the fifth day of our Mr Robot Hacks Christmas Countdown we pay tribute to her with this touching fan made video from Youtube user tvlearsiher

“I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you, that I almost believe that they’re real…”

Once again, the show’s choice of music is God-damned perfect, with the lyrics of The Cure’s Pictures of You brilliantly echoing Elliot’s thoughts and begging the question as to whether Shayla actually even existed or was just a figment of his imagination…

Fifth - Elliot prison

Whichever way, Shayla was taken from Elliot (and us) way too soon by that mad, bad mofo Vera… who we believe we ain’t seen the last of.

Mr Robot Hacks really hopes we see actress Frankie Shaw back in the show as Shayla in some form – flashback, dream or Force Ghost.

Fifth - Force Ghost

“Elliot, I am your father”

We started out on December 1st with the Mr Robot / Friends Intro saying that we’d bring some fun but so much of Mr Robot is so dark!

But after today’s fifth post and a tearful walk down memory lane and yesterday’s diatribe on religion, we promise to deliver something more fun tomorrow… see you back here, you muddy funsters!

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