On The Eighth Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

Welcome to the eighth day of our Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar, where today we’re gonna be taking a quick look back at one of our favorite ever sequences from Season Two.

Eighth” that’s lame. Look at it, it doesn’t even look like a word. It’s like The Sith of Words. sorry, Sihth!

Eighth is the Cthulhu of ordinal numbers.

The sequence comes from the episode “Kernel Panic” and is one of those rare moments that makes you feel all gooey inside! It does us, anyway!

So without further ado, here’s the full sequence in adder-all its glory!

It’s not just the brilliant music choice, it’s everything about these four and half minutes. It just screams creativity

We waxed lyrical about this sequence here, which is defo worth another look, even if I do say so myself!

But here’s a very quick highlights package!

Everything from The Beatles Abbey Road homage…

Eighth - Adderall

To the sound mix creating moments of genius like Elliot climbing the stairs in time with the Apple Mac volume up control and his pill-popping to the Basso error beep.

Eighth - Stairs

Not that you can hear them here – you’ll need to watch the clip!

And not to forget the Apple spinning wheel of death reflected in Elliot’s eyes as he watched his laundry spin round and round the machine…

Eighth - spinning

Can I get a refund on these Apple Googly Eyes?

As little girls from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining scared the living crap out of us at Mr Robot Hacks HQ!

Eighth - The Shining

We admit, a little bit of pee came out when we first watched this!

While we believe the scene in his prison cell… ahem, sorry – bedroom revealed a major clue about Elliot’s reality:

Eighth - Glitch

Did Elliot’s six days on Adderall reveal a glitch in The Matrix?

Episode Ten might be the best Mr Robot episode ever, but Episode Three is without doubt, the most creative.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another treat and while connected to Mr Robot, you’ll never guess what it is!

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