Dom DiPierro, Alexa, Murder and Master Bates

If you were lucky enough to an Amazon Echo or Google Home device for Christmas, like Alexa – the one our favorite F.B.I. Agent Dominique DiPierro asks when the world is going to end – you may want to be careful what you’re saying!

You may remember in S02E03 when in between furiously masturbating, Dominique DiPierro she was asking Alexa all those tough existential questions. Dom later reveals her desperate loneliness and weltschmerz in this scene, brought to us by Dom’s Sketch Cast.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home products are always passively listening for their awake command words, which has lead to some websites stating they record and save every word you utter. This is not true but it has come to light that these devices do record and keep everything you say to them for a period of six months, some sources say.

That’s not to say they record everything you say, just everything you say to the device after the command word is spoken. In Amazon’s case – “Alexa”

Alexa Amazon Echo

Let’s just hope that Dom never accidentally utters the word “Alexa” before she masturbates!

Which brings us on to another Master Bates.

Master James Andrew Bates, of Bentonville, Arkansas was charged with first-degree murder after a man named Victor Collins was found dead in Bates’ hot tub in November 2015.

Alexa - Bentonville

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According to this report, Master Bates owned a few connected devices, including a Nest thermostat, a Honeywell alarm system, and an Amazon Echo. During the course of their investigation, police issued a warrant to Amazon requesting data in the form of audio recordings, transcribed records, and other text records from Bates’ Echo. Amazon declined the warrant twice.

People have been convicted as a result of digital fingerprints left from cell phone use, search history, and even playing World of Warcraft so Mr Robot Hacks says you better watch out!

Alternatively, just don’t murder anyone!

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