Who Is Banging on Elliot’s Door – Hidden Final Scene

When we last left Elliot Alderson, he was in the middle of Times Square having a cathartic battle of sorts with Mr. Robot for control of his sanity.

Well, not exactly. Mr. Robot, as we all know, is just a Fight Club-esque figment of his imagination – and with his hallucinations increasing in complexity and bizarreness during that exchange (his mother makes an appearance, and Mr. Robot is even able to intrude into his intrapersonal conversations), I think it’s safe to say that Elliot walked away a tad more cuckoo than when he dove in.

Nothing was gained from the said showdown, and it concluded with Elliot practically groveling at Mr. Robot on what to do and kowtowing to his whims, explicitly following his instructions to go home and enjoy the catastrophic scenery they orchestrated.

But then someone pounds on the door, and as Elliot opens it, we never get to see who it was as it smash cuts to the ending credits, opening the floodgates for almost a year’s length of speculation and theories.

So who was this mystery person and why was he or she banging on the door?

Not Even Close

Whiterose or Phillip Price

Considering Whiterose is ferried by limousine and a total recluse that is difficult to get ahold of, it’s highly unlikely he’ll personally visit Elliot. They will definitely cross paths again at some point, but in different circumstances.

The same could be said for E Corp CEO Phillip Price, who isn’t exactly the type who would do things hands-on. And much like Whiterose, Elliot also hasn’t “seen” the last of him (especially given his “we will handle that person” boast) but definitely not the culprit.


Routine friendly Back To The Future II binge watch? Or perhaps to share the news that she transferred to E Corp? Whatever the nature of their meeting is, it would seem uneventful at best and make for a boring resolution to such a cliffhanger.



A dark horse pick and something out of the box considering that she’s dead. But in a show that features a guy who can hallucinate dead people to life with such intricate levels of sentience, it makes her an eligible candidate just as much as the live ones. Elliot’s projections tend to be individuals that were close to him so Shayla definitely fits the type. The flashback to when they first met also showed a similar knocking pattern when she tried to ask Elliot for help after cutting herself. Also, there have been unofficial reports about actress Frankie Shaw being spotted on set, but her IMDB filmography (a popular resource that notoriously spoils surprise appearances) says otherwise, with no mention of a Season 2 appearance whatsoever.

Gideon Goddard

We haven’t heard much from the AllSafe Cybersecurity head since the company’s demise. But the combination of his wariness over Elliot’s actions and being severely distraught, could be catalysts for him to pay his former employee a visit.


Tyrell Wellick

Our last sighting of Tyrell was his visit to fsociety’s base of operations, agreeing to aid Elliot in his quest to take down E Corp. But then the last shot of Elliot eyeballing a handgun at the popcorn machine and Tyrell’s subsequent “disappearance” posits that he may have been murdered and disposed. This could just be a red herring (Elliot doesn’t seem capable of committing extreme acts such as killing) and Tyrell probably had his own marching orders that he carried out, explaining his absence, so it very well could be him.

Krista Gordon

After being presented with damning evidence about her patient’s hacking exploits, Krista (or commonly referred to simply as “The Psychiatrist”) seemed in denial the whole time but still perturbed by the revelations, so it’s not surprising to see her make her way to Elliot’s apartment to set things straight.


Last seen partying with the other fsociety members, it could be an attempt to coax Elliot to join in the festivities or maybe just accompany him. And she’s shown in a couple of occasions that she can just barge her way in, doorknobs be damned. Either way, her reveal would be nothing special.

Most Likely

The Cops

Arguably the one that makes the most sense. They’ve been on to him for a while now apparently, and finally have a complainant with accompanying proof (Lenny and the microchipped “Flipper”), and while it might not be enough to lock him up, it’s probably just standard police procedure to ask questions.

Mr. Robot

An obvious and unsurprising choice that will induce a collective groan if he’s revealed to be the guy. Always shows up whenever he wants to and also has a boisterous knock of his own. They can watch the chaos and disharmony unfold together, I suppose.

Hidden Final Scene After the Credits

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