ANONYMOUS Hack The Secret Rulers of The World

Just hours after Mr Robot Hacks issues a call to arms suggesting the Top Five Hacking Targets for 2017, Anonymous, together with The HackBack Movement, issued a chilling ultimatum and ominous message for the “The Wealthy Elitico-Political 1% Richest Dominant Pricks”

Anonymous - Club Bilderberg

First things first – you’ve probably heard of The Bilderberg Group, right?

Second things second, you’ve probably written the secretive, shadowy, elitist group off as a conspiracy theory.

Which, of course, is exactly what they want you to think!

The Bilderberg Group is completely real. Since 1954, delegates to their annual meetings include Presidents, Prime Ministers, financiers, prominent thinkers, leading scientists, economists and the businessmen they serve i.e. The top one percent of the top one percent.

Anonymous - 1%

A list of attendees to last June’s 64th Bilderberg Meeting in Dresden, Germany can be found here and you can watch them arrive in this video. So now we’ve established their credentials, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the hack…

In the hours leading up to New Year’s Eve while Elliot and Mr Robot were preparing to do battle in Times SquareAnonymous and HackBack took control of the (very real) website – the whole letter (included below) contains a message for us all, but begins:

“Dear Bilderberg members, from now, each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests”

Anonymous bilderberg-group

Anonymous - 1You’D think THe worLD’s mOst danGeRous hacKing grouP wouLd hAVe a laPtop withOUt a StiCKy CAps LOcK keY!

The letter gets more ominous as it continues…

Anonymous 2

I’m not evun gunna menshion they’re spelling or there grammer (as it looks like English may be their second language)

Basically, if The Bilderberg Club don’t start working for all humanity within 365 days, Anonymous will re-enact Darlene’s plan to take over Susan Jacob’s Smarthome on them…

Anonymous - Susan Jacobs

and we all know how bloody well executed that plan was!

Anonymous - Susan Jacobs

So let’s recap: Anonymous have threatened the most powerful group in the world (political and economic movers and shakers and world leaders who very probably have obedient assassins at their beck and call) with cold showers, Gandalf Jazz songs on repeat and broken thermostats to try to freeze them out of their mansions! Hell, smoking witches out of their homes worked in the 16th Century, so why not!

Anonymous - Marijuana

Snipers who are already disguised as medicinal marijuana plants in hackers back gardens

Jokes aside, the message seems pretty chilling – Anonymous imply they can crash cars, disable security systems, record secret meetings and expose family secrets but will that be enough to make the secret rulers of the world say “Okay then, it’s a fair cop, you win” and become better people in 2017, or will these childish threats be like water off a duck’s back?

Do you believe threats like this are the right way to wake people up to the inequality in the world?

Or are these badly written messages little more than meaningless pranks?

Has Anonymous gone too far or not far enough? Please share with friends and let us know your thoughts.


Here’s the letter from The HackBack Movement in full:

Anonymous - Bilderberg Message

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