The Real Evil Corps That Need Hacking in 2017

The DNC e-mail leak. Rigged Elections. The Russians. Hacking changed the world in 2016, but here are the Top Five Hack Targets that deserve to be PWNED in 2017, and the reasons why!

Hacking is becoming the best defence against the corporate take-over of the world. There are literally thousands of companies that need taking down, even the seemingly nice ones, exploit and pollute, just like Elliot said:

Since New Year is time for reflection, today’s is a more serious post. If you just wanna drink until your eyes bleed this NYE, move along but chances are if you’re a fan of Mr Robot, you share the show’s philosophy and perhaps want to look forward to ensure we don’t repeat the collective mistakes of this last year in 2017. If that’s the case, read on! (Don’t worry, it gets fun towards the end!)

We all want the world to be a better place, and while we don’t advocate cyber crimes, the capture, release and sharing of information is one way to level the playing ground and achieve a better world. We’re not suggesting for one moment that the more skilled haxors among you actually dedicate your lives to infiltrating these evil corporations to bring them down. Might that hero be you?

Well, maybe a little bit but remember, “Mr Robot Hacks made me do it” won’t hold up in a court of law!

1) The White House

2017 Trump White House

What’s this? You promised five corporations that need shutting down in 2017.

Well, newsflash folks! America is for sale.

Cheeto-cheeked President Trump will sell the country, it’s land, assets and intellectual property to the highest bidder. open borders and trade relations with old enemies, China and Russia.

He talked of building walls but will open borders and trade relations with old enemies, China and Russia.

And then they will move in, with a little help from Texan porn-star name, Rex Drillerson… sorry, Rex Tillerson who made his personal fortune of $150 million as Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil. His close friendship with Russian President, Vladimir Putin makes him the last person you would want to be Secretary of State. Speak of the devil…

2) ExxonMobil

2017 - Rex Tillerson

Question – what did ExxonMobil ever do to help save the human race?

If you answered “nothing” you’re not even warm.

2017 Exxon Desert

But you fucking will be in about 25 years when the ice caps have melted and the world’s last polar bear beheads you in your Milwaukee home whilst in search for food.

Exxon’s scientists were warning about climate change as early as the 1970’s, but wanting to make more and more money by taking oil that didn’t belong to them, Exxon set about telling the biggest lie in history.

It’s not just Exxon who are massive muthafrackers, all the oil giants combine to spend a whopping $115 MILLION every year lobbying and perpetuating the “climate change isn’t real” lie, but in its greed, Exxon is helping to pollute our air, rivers and oceans and kill our planet more than anyone else. Way to go, Mr Secretary!

3) Wells Fargo

2017 Wells Fargo Elizabeth Warren

In case you haven’t heard, in 2016 it emerged that banking giants Wells Fargo had spent the last eleven years opening two million fake accounts in existing customer’s names, then charged said customers for accounts they didn’t even know they had, raking in millions.

We all know whole banking and financial system is one giant scam, it’s just that Wells Fargo got caught. They were fined and fired 5,300 workers — but still isn’t being held accountable for the fraud – not a single executive from the C-suite, including CEO John Stumpf who earned $19.3 MILLION in 2015 and is expected to leave the bank with $125 million in stocks, shares and bonuses.

Luckily Elizabeth Warren is intent on taking him down!

4) The Global News Media

2017 - Newspapers

Wanna know where your news comes from? It comes from fifteen billionaires who control 90% of everything you read, watch and hear.

You think the election was rigged, hacked by the Russians or a result of fake news? You think Brexit was a real reflection of an informed Britain? Rupert Murdoch is executive co-chairman of 21st Century Fox (Fox News) and his NewsCorp company owns 120 newspapers across five countries. His British lies newspapers whip up anti-immigrant consensus and played a massive part in Joe Public voting to leave Europe. A deal which so far has lost the country billions, if not trillions of dollars.

Everything nowadays is opinion presented a fact and people lap it up. Truth died in 2016. Roll on 2017.

Alt-right opinion website, Breitbart News, which is endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan and now has a seat in The White House, needs taking down by some twelve-year-old from Portland in a hoodie. Could that be you?

5) Nestlé

2017 - Butterfinger

Swiss behemoth, Nestlé (whose website describes themselves as “the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company”) are another great example of a corporation that needs taking down. While they didn’t do anything specific in 2016, they have a history of criminal behavior going back to the 1970’s. This is the company whose sales reps dressed as nurses and aid workers in Africa to give out one-month samples of their baby milk formula. One month is the exact time it takes for new mothers to stop producing milk. They gladly accepted and used the formula, then were forced to buy more when their breast milk had dried up. Still, Nestlé were making a fast buck, so that’s alright!

Cigarette companies used a similar ploy, getting African children hooked on their death-sticks.

Nestlé’s Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe believes that water is not a basic human right and that people all over the world should have to pay for his company’s bottled water… taken from the earth.

There are thousands more companies that exploit, use slave labor, destroy animals natural habitat, but these five are a start.

If you’re not a master hacker, you can boycott: don’t buy Nestlé products, it may be harder than you think to escape the clutches of one conglomerate!

2017 Nestle

Here are Mr Robot Hacks five top suggestions to help make 2017 better than 2016:

Stop buying Starbuck’s Vanilla Lattes to be happy like Elliot was that one day.
Close your bank account and give your money away to a homeless man named Frank.
Stop drinking palm oil.
Propose marriage with a fair-trade vegetable instead of a blood conflict diamond.
After Jauary 20th, write to your President –

The King of The Oompah Lumpahs,
c/o The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave,
Washington DC, USA.

or, more seriously sign up to awareness and charity organisations.

Remember, after the Empire struck back, the Jedi returned!

That’s us! Now get to work!

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