On The 23rd Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Finally Revealed…

The 23rd Day of Christmas and the penultimate in our Christmas Countdown series brings an extra special treat!

Today, we reveal where we believe the inspiration for the name Mr Robot came from…

But just like Heath Ledger’s Joker, origin stories are complicated and there are two, yes TWO possibilities, so, paraphrasing Eminem it’s time to ask…

“Would The Real Mr Robot Please Stand Up?”

23rd - Real Mr robot

The first possible inspiration Sam Esmail borrowed when naming his series is…

Yes! This dude is actually called Mr Robot!

And we can see why, it’s hard to tell if he’s a human being or a real robot, right? Reckon you could Break His Style?

This video is from 1984, and I’m guessing from New York so while it’s a distinct possibility that 80’s retro-loving Sam could’ve seen a clip on TV from his home in New Jersey.

And while it would be cool as fuck for Elliot’s inspiration to come from a breakdancer, I don’t think a seven-year-old Sam Esmail would have been interested in hip-hop and breakdancing, no matter how damned awesome this compilation album cover is!

23rd - Mr Robot breakdancer

I hope the swinging pendulum arms are better than Ricky Gervais in the original The Office

Nope, while his buddies would have been body-popping on street corners, listening to Grandmaster Flash, young Samuel would surely have been a computer geek, meaning this second possibility comes from a much more likely source;

A Commodore 64 computer game called…

(Drumroll, please…)

A computer game called Mr Robot – it’s gotta be the origin of the name, surely!

Of course, he’s already shoehorned someone playing a Commodore 64 game into the show… but it would have been much cooler if Angela had been playing Mr Robot The Game than this:

23rd - Commodore 64 game

When she was kidnapped and interrogated by Whiterose in that spooky as hell Twin Peaks room.

23rd - Commodore 64

A scene which made it into our Top 10 Crazy Best Moments of Season Two.

Born in 1977, Sam Esmail wouldn’t have been playing this type of murderous game in 1983 or 1984, but it’s highly likely, as a six or seven-year-old nerd that he’d have owned a Commodore and played this kinda high-tech platform game!

23rd - mr robot game2

Then, thirty-or-so years later, been inspired to create a TV show with the same name.

What do you think… is the more likely source – the computer game or the breakdancer?

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