On The 19th Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Revealed…

Somehow, amazingly, it’s December 19th already, just five more days of our countdown to go so we thought we’d bring you a countdown-within-a-countdown with Sam Esmail’s Top Nine TV Shows of 2016.

While you’re here, the results of yesterday’s poll are in. We asked you to vote for one of two great Mr Robot fan-made videos and it seems, after surging out ahead, xHeather360x’s“Down To The Second” was beaten into second place by Razor’s “I Want You to Leave”  (Mr Robot Hacks likes, so we’ll be doing more of these!)

So, back to Sam Esmail’s Top Nine TV Shows – quite why it’s a Top Nine and not a Top Ten, we don’t know – but guess either his own Mr Robot graces number one spot, it’s one of those magical list numbers (e.g. 7 Worst Foods You Eat Every Day or 11 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life) or, with all his time filming Season Three, he didn’t have time to watch a tenth!

So, here we go… In Reverse Order:

9) 3%

3% is a post-apocalyptic, Brazilian dystopian thriller in which three percent of the surviving population are given the chance to… well; check out the trailer before jumping onto Netflix for a binge!

8) The Night Of…

Based on the BBC series “Criminal Justice,” HBO’s eight-episode series stars John Turturro and Rogue One’s Riz Ahmed in a complex thriller about a New York City murder case with cultural and political overtones.

7) Veep

Also based on a BBC show, The Thick of It, Veep’s showrunner Armando Iannucci is still bossing the political satire.

6) Transparent 

Jeffrey Tambor stars as a father of a Los Angeles-based family with so many secrets!

5) The Girlfriend Experience

Sex, drugs and affidavits as a young attorney leads a double life as a high-end sex worker. Inspired by Steven Soderbergh’s same-named 2009 film, Starz’s 13-episode “The Girlfriend Experience”

4) Atlanta

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, brings the heart-warming, funny and damned surreal tale of life in Atlanta to the small screen. It’s a little random and meanders, not always seeing ideas through, but once you’ve seen it you’ll never look at Justin Bieber in the same light! Brilliant show, highly recommended.

3) Game of Thrones

2) Black Mirror

If you haven’t caught Black Mirror yet, this is the show that can temporarily fill your Mr Robot void! A month or so ago, Mr Robot Hacks even dedicated a post to this show!

Why Mr Robot Fans Need To Watch Black Mirror

1) Horace and Pete

In first place, Sam Esmail’s favourite TV Show of the year… isn’t even a TV series!

Louis C.K.’s self-written, directed and starring, pay-as-you-watch-web-series (charging $3 per episode on his website in a giant fuck you to the studio system) is set in a Cheers-inspired Brooklyn dive bar, which doubles as a place for the airing of grievance, regret, and lots and lots of pain!

In 2016, the year that fan theorizing nearly killed TV, can you believe there was no room for Westworld?

That’s all for the N,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n… 19th, 19th, folks. We’ll be back tomorrow with another Mr Robot inspired treat in the run up to Chrimbo!

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