On The 18th Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Wanted Us To Decide…

Decisions. Decisions. On the 18th Day of our Christmas Countdown, we couldn’t decide to bring you one great fan video or another. The Elliot in us wanted to bring you Razor‘s brilliant “I Want You to Leave” and the Mr Robot in us wanted to bring you xHeather360x‘s enthralling “Down To The Second”… so, since it’s nearly Christmas we decided to bring you both and let you decide!

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That’s all you gotta do… we’ll tally up the scores for each. If Mr Robot fan-made videos are right up your street, may we recommend Where Is My Mind – it’s a doozy, and if you like fan-art, check out The Best and Worst of Mr Robot fan-art!

You can submit your own videos, fan-art, thoughts and suggestions to Mr Robot Hacks Facebook Page and we’ll be happy to share!

We’ll be back tomorrow when it will be the run up to Christmas and we’ll have some special Mr Robot treats in store.

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