On The 15th Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Taught Me To Hack Humans

On this, the 15th day of Christmas, we look back at fan-favorite Bill Harper – balding, key-card holding, cat loving, low-level employee at Steel Mountain and true hero of S01E06! And we learn to hack humans just like Elliot hacked Bill. Poor Bill!

Firstly, this is how Elliot PWN’D Bill to get passed him to install the Raspberry Pi.

Bad Elliot! Before we go any further, we understand that he needed to pwn Bill to achieve his mission but remember, while this is fiction, there are skills to get inside people’s heads and we’ll share them with you on one condition – that you don’t stray to the Dark Side and use them like Elliot did. No-one should ever talk to a fellow human like that (not even from behind the anonymity of a computer screen!)

Christopher Hadnagy is a cybersecurity analyst who employs the art of Social Engineering (a kinda branch of Paul Ekman’s study of micro-expressions) in other words he hacks humans.

To look at him, he could almost be Bill Harper, but a Bill Harper from a parallel universe – one who took revenge after letting the jumped-up Sam Sepiol pwn him at Steel Mountain!

15th - Bill Harper Kitten

Hadnagy employs social engineering to stop hackers, cos as the above video demonstrates if you can make someone do something against their will, that’s half the hacking battle won. Here’s the first vid from Blackhat, a couple of years old, but fascinating nonetheless.

As well as being able to read you like a book, Christopher has written books on the topic, first publishing Social Engineering: The Art of Hacking Humans – perhaps if Bill had read this book, he would have been able to spot Elliot’s dirty tactics and single-handedly stopped the 5/9 hack!

Oh, and here’s a second vid, also from SecureNinja TV, but from RSA, San Francisco where he talks about his more recent book Unmasking the Social Engineer: The Human Element of Security

We did see Elliot make up with Bill in S02E04 but it was only a dream sequence. so it doesn’t count.

That’s all for the 15th day in our advent calendar! We’ll be back tomorrow with something else to rock your Robot minds, until then, Be Kind, Rewind!

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