WTF?! Where is Tyrell Wellick?

While Season Two got off to a slow start in addressing the viewer’s questions as well as rampant speculations regarding the direction of the story and characters, they were eventually answered with each passing episode. We eventually found out (after a fake out with Darlene) that the door knock that capped off the season finale were in fact cops out to detain Elliot for dog-napping Flipper. It is also revealed that Angela intends to fight E Corp from within, as Terry suggested (although probably in jest), when she took the job offer. It is also revealed how Fsociety and its base of operations was formed.

But the one question that the show failed to conclusively reveal is the whereabouts of Tyrell Wellick. Missing since episode nine and last seen with Elliot on the Fsociety headquarters as they’re about to unleash the “big hack”, Tyrell has made sporadic appearances since then, mostly in the form of cryptic phone calls that had him uttering his catch phrase to Elliot as well as panic breathing. He did appear physically on one episode but as a non-canon sequence projected by Mr. Robot, and that’s it. It was also revealed midway that he was killed by Elliot but recent episodes prove otherwise – and now two episodes left and with Elliot and Sutherland (Joanna’s bodyguard) hot on the trail of a precise location, we may finally have the burning question laid to rest.

Tyrell being in the “Upside Down” would make for a fantastic crossover and is an explanation that many would welcome (it just actually popped up in my head). They do however, have overt 80s tones and Mr. Robot at one point has featured an alien!

But I digress. The prevailing theory among many is that Tyrell, physically, does not exist. You might be saying that this simply isn’t true considering the interactions that he’s had on the show with E Corp’s secretary, Philip Price, his wife Joanna, and such. But the show has also proven time and again that nothing is what it seems, and could very well be just a meticulously detailed projection created by Elliot to shield his audience from reality.

So how exactly does this theory fit in and where is he right now? Possible answer: buried in Elliot’s head. Tyrell is most likely an identity that was created unintentionally by Elliot’s subconscious, embodying the aspects of the world that Elliot despises so much but still shares some qualities that he has – the inexplicable affinity for Linux; his oddly mixed race spouse; being able to second guess Elliot’s moves.

As for his current location, well, similar to how Mr. Robot would shoot Elliot in the head repeatedly, Elliot possibly did the same with Tyrell using the gun from the popcorn machine. But as we’ve seen in Mr. Robot’s attempts at doing this, it’s merely a reset button of sorts – and Tyrell is simply clawing his way back into Elliot’s normal programming.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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