Where’s QWERTY and Flipper?

One of the best things (and there’s a lot!) about Season Two is how the show tends to revisit past incidents and elements. It’s usually subtle too, which makes them all the more surprising and cool – and how they parlay said cues into future scenes while still making it organic is what truly makes them shine and sums up why Mr. Robot is currently the hit show of the moment.

So far they’ve given us a variation of the fsociety name’s etymology (the abandoned funhouse’s name although it’s unclear if the “u” and “n” were deliberately taken down or just busted to begin with and they ran away with it); that Elliot’s employment at AllSafe was part of a calculated plan to take E Corp down from the “inside”; that he came up with the name for his dad’s computer store (and in a meta twist, the TV program as well).

We’ve also seen characters, both living and deceased, make memorable returns – most notably (and unexpectedly) by the poor Bill Harper. You might remember him (or are still teary-eyed and heartbroken at his plight) as the sales associate at Steel Mountain that Elliot verbally eviscerated to get the social engineering phase of their hack to work. Sharon Knowles and Gideon Goddard also have their own appearances with the latter providing one of the strangest cameos by far.

But the show is forgetting a few other characters and it’s been really bugging us.

No, it’s not Tyrell. We’ve heard about him plenty of times already this season although his fate is still up in the air. Maybe Whiterose and his interesting double life as China’s Minister of State Security, but he’s had a few air time already this season. If not them, then who am I talking about?

Well, I’m talking about Elliot’s pets: Qwerty and Flipper. Season One mainstays and introduced to viewers practically at the same time, they haven’t had any exposure or mention for a long-ass time.

Elliot’s original pet and considered his one true friend, Qwerty is a male Siamese Fighting Fish (or simply “Betta fish”) clearly chosen by the showrunners for its parallels to Elliot – a reclusive specie that reacts badly when paired. In a flashback, we learned that he was indirectly responsible for shipping Shayla and Elliot together. Apart from short vignettes of Elliot tending to him, Qwerty’s presence was mostly unremarkable – until he became a part of our hero’s drug-related sojourn. In just a few minutes, Qwerty launched into cult stardom as he waxed philosophical about being in a fluorescent bowl. It helped that he was voiced awesomely by the legendary Keith David, but the entire dialogue and scene was fantastic all by itself. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from him since he was taken away by Angela, but at least he got his wish of finally being moved to a “goddamn window”.

For some reason, Elliot had another need for a companion. Perhaps it’s tied with his claims about being lonely or it’s just his inner social justice warrior trying to save a poor dog from being “maltreated” believing they could do better. Flipper was originally the pet Cairn Terrier of Michael Hansen (or in reality, the wimpier name “Lenny”), a womanizer currently involved with Elliot’s therapist, Krista. As part of his blackmail to get Lenny to stay away from Krista, he took Flipper as well. Whether or not Flipper was fine in Elliot’s care is up for debate, and she never got any relevant opportunities to shine unlike Qwerty. But at the season finale, Lenny reappeared citing that Flipper is microchipped and could hold the key to busting Elliot, adding a possible plot point that involves the furry canine. However, we haven’t heard from her since or where she’s at now.

With the recent revelation that Elliot’s entire Season Two has been taking place in prison (or psychiatric care) all along, it’s possible that this is related to the Lenny case and Flipper. If so, we’ll probably be seeing Flipper sooner rather than later. While hopefully we’ll get to see Qwerty tell the audience how he wants to blow his brains out seeing Angela shacking up with old balls.

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