What’s next for Elliot and F_Society?

Hello friend. Last week’s Elliot and Robot-less episode showed what happens when mistakes are made – paranoia sets in, the wheels come off and groups split. So we thought it’s a great time to ask “What’s next for Elliot and F_Society?”

Elliot / Robot

The most glaring question is “What’s going to happen to Elliot now he’s out of jail?” but I think it’s just as importamt to address WHY he was in jail, starting with the jail sentence he received. May 9th to July 4th is bang on eight weeks and, while I’m no haxpert, hacking the biggest conglomerate in the world would not come with a two-month prison term.

It’s far more likely that Elliot was incarcerated for what he did to Krista’s boyfriend Michael Hansen. Elliot pwned his phone, blackmailed him, stole his dog (and, in typical Mr Robot style) a dog that was later found to be microchipped. Hansen also vowed revenge, knew Elliot was Krista’s patient and knew what he looks like.

This also explains who was banging on Elliot’s door at the end of Season 1. It was the cops to arrest him on a minor stalking charge, not the Feds Cyber Crime Division for the cyber-crime of the century!

Upon reflection, spending two months in jail while F_Society conttinue their shenanigans is the best alibi to avoid FBI’s Sauron-like eye! Elliot also may have had his sentence cut short for helping catch Prison Warden Ray.

F_Society  - Elliot

“I don’t feel right” – When do you ever feel right, My Boy?

S02E09 sees Elliot released but my guess is that (even though he was only inside for 2 months) Elliot will not adjust well to life on the outside – he’ll miss his eating and chores routines and won’t have Leon to always have his back. This will mean his disorder will flare, stopping him becoming the leader that F_Society need.

Elliot not being able to lead explains why Robot is sneaking around, Gollum-like behind Elliot’s back talking to Darlene… which adds fuel to my theory that Darlene is also haunted by her dead father.

Will The Dark Army be on Elliot and F_Society’s tail? Or are they helping him? The promo suggests Elliot is trapped in a subway carriage, but since this is kinda hard for anyone to pull off, I think this will be a fantasy/hallucination.

Not even Elliot knows his next move, but I think he’s crazy enough to hatch a plan to go directly to Whiterose.

F_Society  S02E08 - Darlene mask

“I’ll wipe down for fingerprints and leave a VHS tape with my face on it”


Darlene really stepped up in Elliot’s absence, especially in the last episode, but her position as Chief of Operations hasn’t gone swimmingly. First, there’s the little case of kidnapping, then murdering someone in cold blood and involving the team.

There’s also the VHS tape she may/may not have left in Susan Jacob’s apartment. The one showing her delivering the FBI Conference Call Hack Speech then taking off the F_Society mask to show her face.

Darlene’s ex-boyfriend (the one she took the microchipped gun from) may have given the FBI her name. Darlene has been clumsy and is leaving too much evidence lying around. Meaning it’s only a matter of time before she gets picked up by Dom DiPierro or worse, The Dark Army.

But first, we’re gonna have to find out what happens next to Cisco, or in other words, how hard did she hit him with that baseball bat?


He won’t be dead, but he’s gonna have a reaaaally bad headache and made to lie in Chinese to The Dark Army by Darlene.

F_Society  - Trenton & Mobley

“I hear Tahiti’s nice this time of year”


Now here’s an interesting one. How much do you trust Mobley? He didn’t crack under pressure during his chat with Dom but would he hold out under real interrogation? Personally, I think wiping your phone is the last thing you should. Just keep on keeping on.

He’s got three options – run away to a far-off state or country, get caught or surrender.

From a story perspective, it makes no sense for him to run, yet he’s not showed up to meet Trenton in Ron’s Coffee Shop, so he could have already run/been caught… I sense DJ Mobley will have a large part to play yet, but I think Mobley and Trenton will have a week off.


Trenton’s in much the same boat as Mobley, only slightly less paranoid. Her parents ain’t about to sell the house they’ve spent decades paying off, and she has much closer family ties than Mobley, meaning she can’t run and has to ctake her chances.

Aside from a couple of comments, Trenton’s Iranian roots haven’t played into the storyline much… but as the authorities get closer, I’m sure they will.

F_Society  - Angela

Who’s been bugging my apartment? The Feds or The Dark Army?


The writers have been trying to throw us off the trail with Angela’s greedy actions and bitchiness getting the better of her recently but I still firmly believe she is intent on whistleblowing the shit out of E-Corp. Her temptation by the dark side is a neccesary if annoying plot device but she’ll come good in the end… just expect more catty, egoist takedowns first.

One thing is for sure, the net is closing around Elliot and F_Society but is it the Feds or The Dark Army doin the phishing?

F_Society  - Price

“I will rain chaos” why do you think I’m holding this umbrella? It’s raining chaos, Hallelujah!

Phillip Price

In the S02E09 Promo, we see the E-Corp CEO at what looks like a funeral baring his teeth and making more threats. What’s got him so hot under his white collar? We know his deep involvement with The Dark Army, but who is he talking to in the high angle shot under the umbrellas?

It’s probably been filmed that way purposefully, so we don’t see who it is this week, but if I didn’t know better, I’d say the only person we know who dresses as snappily as Price is… a certain Swede who was last seen tied up in the trunk of a car! You heard it here first!

The Dark Army

The Dark Army are going to have their busiest week since gunning down a load of FBI Agents in Beijing… Darlene will force a tied-up Cisco to throw them off her scent, but he may find a way of directing them to her.

I fully expect to see Whiterose this week to implement Stage 2.

What the hell is Stage 2? My guess is that they are going to crash the main source of currency since 5/9 – E-coins (because the digital currency has been placed front and center in the last two weeks)

F_Society  - Dom

Join us, become one of us! 

Dom DiPierro

Everybody’s favorite FBI Agent is so loveable (and so brilliantly palyed by Grace Gummer) that I kinda think of her as part of our Scooby gang rather than their main threat. This week, she’s gotta uncover something (more) fishy about the Fed’s questionable methods or suffer some kinda existential angst that take her closer to joining our side!

So, there’s just a few guesses as to what’s in store this week, but it’s Mr Robot so let’s be honest – since half of it happens in Elliot’s head, it’s near impossible to tell what happens next!

Enjoy the show this Wednesday night and we’ll see you back here Thursday to try and work out what the hell is going on!

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