What’s In A Name?

One of Season One’s underrated subplots involved Shayla’s drug supplier Fernando Vera – a ruthless but intelligent criminal (he was able to deduce Elliot tipped him to the police on just one picture) with a penchant to wax philosophical. We loved the character so much we wrote a piece about him and deliberated whether he’ll make a return in the foreseeable future.

Fernando committed several atrocities in his short but memorable appearance but is probably most notable for introducing the concept of the importance of someone’s name. In his case, Fernando stands for “Brave Traveler” and sure enough, he brazenly gets away with murdering Shayla (and his brother) in an unexpected twist and being one of the few to escape Elliot’s hacking wrath.

So, does he have a point? Do the characters’ names stand for something that’s integral to the universe of Mr. Robot? Let’s find out.


The star of the show – and not surprisingly, his name effectively translates to a God or Jesus. Several times throughout the show, he is likened to a God – whether it is Tyrell referring to themselves as such, Ray making the connection that even Jesus heard voices, to the people worshipping the handiwork of F Society or Elliot himself.

Speaking of Elliot, he also has a habit of using the alias Sam Sepiol a lot, which could be a play on Sam Esmail’s name, but upon closer inspection, “Sam” is another Hebrew name that means God. “Sepiol” on the other hand, translates to a recluse that eschews social situations, personal relationships, and adventures in general. Pretty accurate descriptor of Elliot right there.


Her real name is “Shama Biswas” (based on the FBI’s dossier board) and Trenton is typically a boy’s name so this is clearly a hacker alias, but that’s not to say it can’t mean something. Trenton was from the eponymous New Jersey town which in turn, was derived from the Celtic word “Trent” which means “strong flooding”. Of course, one of her earlier ingenious contributions to F Society is demanding for Terry Colby’s release to put all the focus on the high-ranking E Corp member as the unequivocal mastermind behind the DDOS attack.

Gideon Goddard

A badass name that belongs to arguably the purest soul in the show. “Goddard” is German for “hard spear” while “Gideon” stands for “Destroyer”. While his company’s destruction was his undoing, he did prove he was a tough cookie by running his own inquiry into Elliot’s connection to the 5/9 hack.

Tyrell Wellick

While there’s nothing special about the surname “Wellick”, “Tyrell” fits the ambitious and ultimately destructive wannabe CTO of E Corp. The name has Irish roots and is derived from “Tyr”, the Scandinavian god of battle – and judging from the season finale and the revelation that he was an important cog in ensuring Phase Two goes smoothly, this man is gearing up for battle, indeed.

Phillip Price

For the CEO of a massive multi-national conglomerate (and capitalist pig), the surname “Price” couldn’t be more appropriate. Strangely, there’s nothing about the name “Phillip” that we can use to tie them both together because it translates to a “saint” – and we all know Mr. Price is the very opposite of that.

Angela Moss

Her name obviously stands in for “Angel” or God’s Messenger. This seemed like a pedestrian name at first but judging from the twist ending that she may or may not be involved in Phase Two and has a connection with Tyrell, maybe her role of performing novice hacking and planting the femtocell wasn’t so innocent after all – and she’s actually carrying out “God’s” (in this case, Elliot’s Mr. Robot’s) message.

Dominic DiPierro

With fan theories on her connection with Elliot so rampant, the translation for Dominic’s name adds even more credence to that angle – with “of the Lord” being the literal meaning. Could the cerebral and determined FBI agent end up working with F Society?

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