Trump’s Ways Will Lead to a Cyber Attack… from F_Society

When it comes to a cyber attack, we’re gonna learn not from the Elliot we know and love, but another – in his 1925 poem, The Hollow Men, British poet T.S. Eliot wrote:

This is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends,
Not with a bang but a whimper.

This weekend, at Mar-a-Lago, dinner had just been served to President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when news that North Korea had launched an intermediate ballistic missile in the direction of Japan. The timing of which was… handy!

Hack Attack 4

In the last hour, it’s been reported that Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother has been poisoned in Malaysia by female assassins

This was President Trump’s first taste of Kim Jong-Un’s (or anyone’s) saber-ratling – militarian, chest-pumping, chess moves designed to provoke a reaction. And how did the giant man-baby react?

Cyber Attack

In true narcissist fashion, he and his cohorts didn’t excuse themselves to another, more secure room – he turned the dining terrace into an open-air situation room where club members, diners, guests, waiting staff and chefs could listen in… all the while posing for photographs.

One republican sycophant man, Richard DeAgazio posting these photos to Facebook.

Hack/Attack Richard DeAgazio

While many of the partygoers at the wedding reception in the ballroom were paid-up members of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort (who’s annual fees have doubled since he became President, incidentally) and therefore probably loyal Republicans, not one of the onlookers standing as close as ten feet away would have been security cleared. Indeed, reports say that officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office manned the checkpoint. I’m sure they’re very good at their jobs, but it’s hardly the secret services, is it?

While diners took snaps, people close by held up torches on their smartphones so President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could read classified documents about the missile launch.

The thing is, ANY SINGLE ONE of those phones could have been pwned – by hacker kids like Elliot and Darlene, by enemies of the state or governments.

Hack Attack 2

Once again, Prime Minister Shinzo doesn’t look too impressed (and a single frame can’t be trusted to tell the full picture) but, as a real, experienced politician and not an ex-reality game show host, surely he should have known better than to let this descend into an inopportune photo-shoot and popularity contest.

Only last week did the Democratic Senator for New Mexico, Martin Heinrich tweet an Associated Press photo showing Trump with the chief Executive of Intel along with a classified black bag and its key in clear sight of photographers.

Cyber Attack

We must point out that Mr Robot Hacks isn’t Pro-Democrat and especially not Pro-Hillary – we’re just reporting hypocrisy that could lead to a very serious security breach or Cyber Attack. Lock. Him. Up! Lock. Him. Up!

You see, it’s this heretofore unseen mix of incompetence, brazen laziness, narcissism and just not giving a fuck that will bring the next hack from the Russians or the next act of terrorism from any number of enemies that Trump and his coven of Bannon, Miller, Conway et al are hastily making in the lead up to World War III.

Hack Attack 3

In the movies, it would be a twenty-three-year-old, Middle-Eastern man having undergone months of undercover work in a sleeper cell, learning to wait tables… months of silver service training to tell the difference between an entree and a regular fork, then infiltrating the Mar-a-Lago staff before planting a bomb with a neon red countdown clock and plethora of muticolored wires.

But the new reality of 21st Century cyberwarfare means all the cyber terrorists need to do is hack one of those many smartphones – turn on the camera, or turn on the microphone and hey presto! A cyber attack by Chechnyan Freedom-fighters means they have their hands on classified political secrets. A real life F_Society – a hacking group like Anonymous decides to teach Trump a lesson and leaks top secret documents or some naive kid like Elliot Alderson hacks The President’s five-year-old Android phone and sells our nuclear launch codes to ISIS.

Cyber Attack Pwnie

And if you think we’ve gone too far suggesting all-out nuclear war, check out this snap, posted to Facebook by good old Richard DeAgazio of him standing next to “Rick” – the man entrusted with the nuclear football –  the black bag which contains the nuclear launch codes.

Hack Attack

Despite his questionable politics, retired Boston businessman and part-time actor Richard DeAgazio isn’t to blame. While his Facebook posts are irresponsible and pretty fucking stupid, it’s actually the Secret Service’s job to NOT ADVERTISE WHO CARRIES THE NUCLEAR FOOTBALL TO THE WORLD (along with the military, NSA and other agencies) and therefore save the country from cyber attack.

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