Mr Robot Showrunner Goes to War with President Trump

When Donald Trump didn’t burst into flames as he placed his tiny hands on the Bible to be sworn in, Mr Robot creator and showrunner, Sam Esmail launched a war of words against America’s 45th and first orange President.

As protesters wearing black hoodies and Mr Robot masks took to the streets of Washington D.C, Sam Esmail took to Twitter to deliver a clear and unmistakable message:

War - Tweet
So, not only does Sam deliver a massive fuck you – he also calls him profundly stupid (sic) – Don’t hold back, Sam!

Moving down his Twitter feed he goes on to say:

War - Hacked

confirming what all Mr Robot Hacks has been saying forever and a day:

Our Democracy REALLY Has Been Hacked… or, How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Before retweeting comedian Chris Rock’s equal part hilarious and chilling reminder:

War - Chris Rock

Earlier in the week, Sam retweeted Deadspin Sports website’s even more clear message which was directed to Trump’s own twitter account!

War - fuck yourself

The question is how long before the “Narcissist Cocksucker”, who has been involved in thousands of lawsuits, comes for those who speak against him… just like we wrote about here (but no-one believed us!)

Is President Trump About To Shut Down Mr Robot?

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