What President Trump Means for Season 3.0

The electorate has spoken, the Empire has Struck Back and President Trump is due to be inaugurated into the Oval Office on January 20th, 2017, but apart from millions of Americans looking over their shoulders, what could this mean for Season Three of the most beloved and diverse show on television, Mr Robot?

The first thing we must remember is, like Marty McFly, Elliot and Co. are stuck in 2015; for them, Trump hasn’t even won the Republican candidacy yet (but we’re sure Trump will make an appearance in season 3 later this year) but we know he exists in the world as Terry Colby quips “Can you believe that cocksucker is actually running this time? I mean, if I wanted, the things I have on him … could put me on his ticket.”

President - Colby

With one copy sold, Terry Colby’s book sales are already higher than Trump Steaks.

Now, even though one Facebook commentator recently told us off for getting political… like it or not, Mr Robot is political. Every single thing is political – when Luke fights The Empire, when Brian graffitis on the Romans’ wall, when Captain America and Indiana Jones stick it to The Nazis and when Elliot takes on Phillip Price. But they’re also so much more…

They’re all about the same thing – tyranny versus democracy.

President - Hacked

Mr Robot is about tyranny. Even the show’s tagline “Our democracy has been hacked” says it, so no-one can really argue otherwise…

Remember Elliot’s opening speech about the Top 1% of the Top 1% in S01E01?

Take a wild fucking guess at who that speech is about…

President - Tweet

The writer/creator of Mr Robot tweeted the evidence himself just last week.

So now we’ve established that Mr Robot is about tyranny, let’s take a look at the way President Trump could affect the third season.

While it’s unlikely the action will skip forward to present day 2017, Sam Esmail has made it more than apparent he plans to utilise Trump’s rise and agenda next season:

“The sentiment and the outrage of Donald Trump; as well as the groundswell through which he rose to become the Republican nominee, that sort of atmosphere is going to be used in the Mr. Robot universe. The great economic collapse will amplify this, which is happening like a slow car accident,”

Further to being just another liberal artist, Sam Esmail seems to have real passion against tyranny and I suspect (hope!) he’ll go after Trump bigly!

So how’s this going to play out for our heroes and anti-heroes?

Trenton and Mobley

Season Finale - President Trenton

The Fry’s Electrical Store they both work at is now believed to be in Phoenix, Arizona. Probably the last state they would want to be! Why?

“Well, Because Donald Trump has just named one of the most racist politicians in all of America to his transition team. Kris Kobach was the architect of the most racist law in modern American history. SB 1070 passed in Arizona in 2010. What did it mean? If you have brown skin or an accent, police had a right to stop you, detain you and demand you prove your citizenship.”

Trenton may feel the brunt of Trump’s tactics and increased race-hate crime means she may not even be safe walking down the street as Muslim women are already reporting attacks in the wake of Trump’s victory. It happened in England after Brexit, it will happen here too.

I’m not sure if it’s ever been mentioned where Mobley is from, but actor Azhar Khan was born in India, so he can expect the same treatment.

They were last seen talking to Leon who would face similar issues if he wasn’t a Bada$$ ninja!


S02E11 Preview - President 4 Shot

Of course, Darlene is currently in FBI custody on a cyberterrorism charge and a Republican Government could interrogate her with waterboarding and worse. Maybe they would like to kill her family?

Unless the show does pick up in 2017 and she’s served her time… but we still need to see the outcome of Stage Two, don’t we?

Dom DiPierro

We’ve already got a theory that Agent Dominique may be gay so between that and the fact that her Big Boss, James Comey handed victory to Trump, we’re more sure than ever that she will defect to our side and become part of The Scooby Gang.


President Comey

Like The Donald, FBI Director James Comey already exists in the Mr Robot diegesis. After his second investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, followed by him clearing her of any wrongdoing in an un-Trumpeted statement (an Orwellian statement designed to discombobulate the voting public) expect him to get it in the neck from Sam Esmail, especially after the news that Comey is an ex-employee of Rudy Giuliani and the two were in cahoots as the Feds passed information to President Trump’s Campaign HQ.


While Julian Assange’s whistleblower website played a part in releasing pertinent information about Hillary Clinton, the real question remains – who hacked the DNC – The Russians, the Chinese or a 400-pound hacker on his bed?

Here’s what Sam had to say about Wikileaks:

President - wiki

He doesn’t hold back, does he?!


Sam Esmail stated in an interview that “increased terrorism and domestic violence” will play a role in Season Three.

While not really making himself crystal clear, Mr Robot Hacks believes Sam may have been referring to this:

Since we’re all geeks here, we don’t need to say any more on that matter!


Well, we already know what our Boy Wonder thinks about President Trump, which you can read about here.

Mr Robot

Isn’t Mr Robot paranoid enough already? Who the hell knows how he’ll react! (But he’ get bonus points if he gets a Back to the Future Ronald Reagan is President joke in!) but one thing is for sure…

Mr Robot is gonna be pissed.

But not as pissed as Sam Esmail!

As for Mr Robot Hacks, we can hardly wait til June to see what Sam and his team have to say about the President…

President sam-esmail-mr-robot

and we think it will sound something along the lines of “Build a fucking wall around that!”

Go get ’em, Uncle Sam!

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