Mr Robot Hacks, Pet Detectives Find Flipper Alive and Well!

Time for some good, fun news amongst all this political savagery! Season 1.0 saw Elliot dognap rescue Flipper from Krista’s boyfriend, but then the Cairn Terrier disappeared, so Mr Robot Hacks organised a dog hunt to find the little critter, and guess what? We found him! (Maybe)

flipper 2

The Toto look-a-like originally belonged to Elliot’s psychologist’s douchebag of a boyfriend, Michael Hansen, real name Lenny Shannon. Elliot blackmailed Michael for using Ashley Madison, online escorts and fake Facebook accounts…


but when Eliot saw how Michael maltreated the dog, he confiscated him, taking him home and christening him Flipper (possibly after the famous dolphin.)

Flipper 3

Shayla looked after Flipper when Elliot went AWOL, taking him for long walks on a Grand Tour of New York City, but as quickly as he arrived, Flipper disappeared. Mr Robot Hacks thought there was only one dogsplanation – Flipper had been deported on charges of terrierism.

Until, that is, we went deep, deep into the web (that’s page 2 of a google search) and we found him advertising robotic vacuum cleaners in Thailand!

Flipper 6

Of course, that’s not actually Flipper (real name Dusty) – it’s a much older dog but in an amazing, bizarre twist of fate, you won’t believe the name of the company that makes those floor cleaners…

Mister Robot

Yes, folks, the manufacturer is a company by the name of MISTER ROBOT!

How cray cray is that? We know the world is full of fake news at the moment, so if you think we’ve mocked up that poster, check out this video:

The only way things could get better is if they advertised the Mister Robot vacuum cleaner as being so quiet, it won’t even wake your darling puppy. Oh, they have?

Flipper 5

That made our day!

Next on our list is a fish hunt to locate QWERTY, that’s if Angela didn’t really eat him in that swanky restaurant… in what we hope was a dream sequence.

Do you have any gnawing Mr Robot questions – either fun ones like this or more real, high-brow puzzles you need solving? If so, you can always get in touch with Mr Robot Hacks Pet Detective Agency on our Facebook page. Ciao!

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