An Ode to Tyrell Wellick

Elliot Alderson may be the main reason we watch Mr Robot, but Tyrell Wellick has become a firm fan-favourite, too, so here’s an ode to the man himself…

Everyone seemed buoyed by the recent news that Tyrell will feature more heavily in Season 3.0 but his cult following seems to go far beyond wanting him involved in the storyline… and it’s not just the Swedish psychopath’s rooftop-strangling, vodka-swilling, BDSM!

Nor is it his love for Elliot that goes way beyond bromance and kitchen-destroying ways – just type the actor’s name into Google and you’ll see one of the first predictive texts finishes “Martin Wallström body”

So, here, for you fans – a short, loud hip-hop interlude from syd celebrating Tyrell Wellick’s finest and not-so-finest moments!

Thanks for watching, we’ll be back in a day or two with some very cool news!


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