Which “Nasty Woman” protested in D.C.’s Women’s March?

One of these four strong, powerful, beautiful women took to the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday’s Women’s March to stand up for women, equality and civil rights everywhere. But which one was it?

If you’re a regular you may know that one actress, in particular, is an outspoken opponent of Trump and has protested before when he was voted in, so why do we say she’s “unlikely”? Well, she’s unlikely because the character she plays in Mr Robot is the last person you’d expect, on account of her switching sides (is turn-coatery a word… can it be?) and seeming Machiavellian, self-serving ways.

The actress in question is Portia Doubleday, who joined millions of women (and men) around the world, in a protest the day after President Trump was sworn in.

Women's March - Portia

Portia and her equally amazing sister Kaitlin posted Tweets to Twitter and photos and videos like this one to Instagram while using their deserved fame to raise awareness. Portia wrote:

“What an incredible day it has been. #womenmarchonwashington NOT interested in having hateful convos with those that disagree… completely open to hearing opinions of those who feel differently and genuinely interested in hearing everyone’s opinion. I will never be okay with his deplorable behavior, it ain’t politics it’s a matter of human rights. Thank you all for your incredible support men and women everywhere.”


Women's March - Kaitlin

While Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s lies and the Trump’s administration uses Orwellian Doublespeak straight out of 1984 to tell citizens of the United States and the world “don’t believe your eyes and ears, believe what we tell you”, crowd-scientists confirm three times as many people attended the Women’s March as were at Trump’s inauguration. And that’s just in Washington.

In every state, from the south pan-handle of sunny Florida

Women's March USA

to the minus sixteen temperatures of Utqiagvik, formerly Barrow in Alaska during the most northern of the Women’s Marches…

Barrow Women's March

But it wasn’t just in America, all around the world, empowered women joined forces towards equality, towards equal pay, against tyranny, and for freedom for the right to choose what they do with their own bodies.

Women's March - World

This map shows most of the marches, but we didn’t wanna neglect the women (and men) who joined forces in Antarctica.

Women's March - Antarctica

Way to go, girls! We might be fans of the masculinely-titled Mr Robot, but it’s definitely time for change.

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