Mr. Robot-Inspired Valentine Presents

Valentine’s Day is come and gone but so you still have a chance to get creative for your Mr Robot friends and veer away from the token flowers and chocolates! Knowing you, you probably have a date set at a carnival Ferris wheel, exchanging notes at the apex of the wheel’s turn, or perhaps a cute bacon dinner that one hopes does not end with a cowboy cop and a hail of bullets. Perhaps, a romantic open-air dinner sandwiched in between car garages? I’m sure you have it all covered.

But if you’re still coming up empty on the gifts, well, allow Mr. Robot Hacks to come up with some ideas for you!

Hard Drive Clock

Hard Drive ClockSurprisingly, this is the only item that White Rose still doesn’t have in his collection of curious time pieces. Whether the creator intended it or not, it hits two birds with one stone – the hard drives Elliot uses as an excuse to meet up with him (and subsequently treated as an ash tray) and an obvious ode to his obsession with time keeping. Truly a high brow Mr. Robot inside reference right here!




Metal Roses

Metal RosesNot only do roses wilt, they’re also predictable and trite. Go with metal instead! And do us all a favor and avoid red, white or yellow – go with black, rusted, or our personal favorite: “raw metal”!







“The Discreet Charm of The Burgeoisie” Criterion Collection DVD

Discreet Charm of the BourgeoisieThe Criterion Collection is like the premier home video distribution company. They take what they (and the staunchest critics) consider as one of the best of all time and remaster it with better packaging, art and goodies. Basically, if they ask if they can add your film to their collection, that means a lot. Also, due to distribution rights, their license to produce copies tend to lapse and most titles become out-of-print and rare real quick. One such title is the “The Discreet Charm of The Burgeoisie” which Mr. Robot turned into a straight-to-VHS cult slasher flick called “The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie” that later influenced the iconic Fsociety masks. For an arguably bargain price of $60, you can get your boy/girl a piece of cult cinema!


“Regulators! Let’s Dance!” Poster

Regulators! Let's Dance!Admittedly, Cisco wasn’t exactly a household name among Mr. Robot fans, but if you want your significant other to stand out from the pool of fans with their Fsociety masks and MOLLE backpacks, this one will take a bit to process for the average fan and instant glee from the most hardcore.





Funko Pops

Mr. Robot FunkopopsNow, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Funko Pops… and it’s about damn time! For the uninitiated, it is a small vinyl toy set that’s usually a sign that your product – usually movies and TV programs – has hit the big time. There’s no set date for their release so you can’t order and gift wrap them yet, but you can probably get a rain check or something? The initial release will have the Alderson’s (obviously), Angela, Darlene, and (surprise surprise) White Rose. Even weirder is that Angela is smiling! Ditto with Elliot. But what the heck, we got Funko’s!

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