Mr Robot Hacks Oscars – Best Song

We’re half way through the Mr Robot Hacks Oscars and, after a quick interval and glass of shampoo, (literally shampoo, we can’t afford Champagne) it’s time to run down the nominations for Best Song…

Now we’re not talking about Volume 1.0 or Volume 2.0 of Mac Quayle’s excellent soundtrack, and technically, it’s not Best Song, but Best Use of Song but you catch our drift. There’s no-one better than Sam Esmail for choosing exactly the right track to go with their amazing visuals… well, maybe Noah Hawley of Fargo fame… and Quentin Tarantino… and Edgar Wright.

Most of the awards have been just for Season 2.0, but we might slip some Season 1.0 songs in here, just because it’s the first Mr Robot Hacks Oscars. Of course, our first nominee is:

“Everybody Wants to Rule The World” by Lorde (2013)

Originally recorded by Bath’s finest Tears for Fears, this version didn’t actually appear in the show, but Angela did sing a karaoke version on the Fourth of July. We just love we made video so much that we just had to nominate it!

We know this was only seven weeks ago, but Jesus Christ! So much has happened that it feels like a year ago!

Best Song fuck 2016

If you’d like to read what inspired the video and find the easter eggs, click here. But be quick Youtube have already taken it down once!

“Sound & Color” by Alabama Shakes (2015)

Continuing exactly where our video left off, Sound & Color was used in the final scene of S01E10 to wonderful effect when Elliot had just had his massive showdown with Mr Robot, Mrs Robot and young Elliot in Times Square, over a superb montage, throughout the end credits and into the season finale tease.

The original Alabama Shakes video is pretty wicked too.

“Walking in my Shoes” by Depeche Mode (1993)

From their famous Songs of Faith and Devotion album, this track was used to great effect over the opening titles for S02E09 (eps2.7_init_5.fve) when it has been revealed that Elliot was in jail…

“Where is my Mind?” by Maxence Cyrin (2009)

Major inspiration for the show, Fight Club used The Pixies original of this song perfectly, and Sam Esmail would have received some flack if he’d have used the self-same version, so he prompted for French maestro, Maxence Cyrin’s instrumental cover from his Novö Piano album… and it worked just great.

The song was also included in The Leftovers which is back April 16th! Yayyyyy!

“Lovely Allen” by Holy Fuck (2008)

Elliot’s six days on Adderall finally banishes Mr Robot but all is not well, thanks to Sam Esmail’s superlative skillz behind the camera and Toronto electro-hipsters Holy Fuck, who you can find out more about (and listen to a whole gig) here.

Not only one of the best scenes of Mr Robot, but one of the best scenes on television last year…

“Basket Case” by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

One of our favorite scenes, most likely cos Elliot made friends with Bill Harper was a lullaby version of Green Day’s classic “Basket Case”. Bring on the fluffiness! The quality of the video is dodgy, but it was the best I could find. Sorry.

I always thought the lyric was

Sometimes I give myself the creeps,
Sometimes my mom plays tricks on me…

and now so will you! You’re welcome!

With regards to voting for Best Song, six songs – six Facebook smiley buttons… go!

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