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Psst! Hello Friends… you – YES, we mean you!

Mr Robot Hacks needs your help…

We know how busy modern life is so we’ll keep it real quick. We really need to boost our number of Facebook and Twitter followers and subscribers.


That was darker than we intended! DON’T WORRY, WE’RE NOT GONNA STEAL YOUR DOG!

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Needs You

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Please don’t just assume someone else will do it, chances are they won’t! 🙁

What do you get out of it, well… 

  1. We’ll love you forever!
  2. An enormous sense of well-being.
  3. By helping us, we can continue delivering great Mr Robot articles, Season 3.0 news, plus previews reviews and crazy theories when the show returns.

Plus, we’ve a very special treat for subscribers coming very soon.

Thank you so much, friends – we really do appreciate your help and continued support with our labor of love. Without you, we’re nothing.

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