Introducing Mr Robot Hacks Dream Team

Imagine, if you will, the last ever episode of Mr Robot. After taking down the Government and every major corporation, Elliot, Darlene, Tyrell. Leon and Flipper escape the country chased by Dom DiPierro. Their plane crashes on a magical, zombie-infested island where they meet some familiar faces… introducing Mr Robot Hacks Dream Team!


Who would you want with you if your plane crashed on a zombie-infested island?

It throws up so many great new themes and teams: Under John Locke’s tutelage, Elliot and Tyrell would quickly turn their tech skills into survival hacks but imagine the weirdness going down with Elliot Dissociative Identity Disorder, Darlene’s panic attacks, Carrie Mathison’s Bi-Polar Disorder and all the hallucinations and imaginary friends:

Lost’s Christian Shephard, Homeland’s Nicholas Brody, The Leftovers’ Patti Levin, The Walking Dead’s Lori Grimes Lost’s Dave and, of course, Mr Robot’s Edward Alderson.


Hurley would do what he’s best at – look after people, Jack Shephard would fix everyone, Darlene and Kate Austen would become the sisters they’ve always wanted and ride imaginary horses through the jungle.


John Locke would catch wild boar, which Hannibal Lecter would cook with vegetables from Sun Kwon’s garden, supplemented with human flesh.

As Hannibal deflects blame to Ben Linus’s gang; “The Others”, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther and Dom DiPierro would use good old-fashioned detective work to solve the shit outta the killing spree.


CTU meets the CIA as Jack Bauer and Carrie Mathison team up, but with no terrorists to catch (apart from Flipper – a terrierist) they’d make good additions to Rick, Daryl and Leon’s crack commando zombie-assassin squad.

Meanwhile, John Locke, Kevin Garvey and James Keziah Delany come to blows over who gets to be island shaman

(Whatcha mean you haven’t watched Tom Hardy in the BBC/FX’s Taboo or Justin Theroux in HBO’S The Leftovers?!)

It also raises a whole bunch of questions for the Mr Robot Hacks Dream Team, like… would Elliot get it on with PTSD suffering, fellow hoodie-wearing emo, Jessica Jones?

jess Elliot

Would southern rednecks Sawyer and Daryl have a bromance or might Kevin Garvey turn Jack, Kate and Sawyer’s love triangle into a love rhombus?

Would Walter White find Waaaaaaaaalt? And feed Elliot Blue Sky crystal meth?

Would Flipper help build a raft?

And who would eat Hurley first – Hannibal or Taboo’s James Keziah Delaney?


From left to right:

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, LOST, Jack Bauer, 24, Darlene Alderson, MR ROBOT, James “Sawyer” Ford, LOST, Walter White, BREAKING BAD, Kate Austen, LOST, Elliot Alderson, MR ROBOT, Flipper, MR ROBOT, Jack Shephard, LOST, Jessica Jones, JESSICA JONES, John Luther, LUTHER, Rick Grimes, THE WALKING DEAD, Sun Kwon, LOST, Tyrell Wellick, MR ROBOT, Leon, MR ROBOT, John Locke, LOST, Kevin Garvey, THE LEFTOVERS, Daryl Dixon, THE WALKING DEAD, Dom DiPierro, MR ROBOT, Carrie Mathison, HOMELAND, Hannibal Lecter, HANNIBAL, Benjamin Linus, LOST, James Keziah Delaney, TABOO.

Who’s missing? Which of your favorite TV characters would you like to see in our Mr Robot Hacks Dream Team?

And maybe more importantly, why are we here at Mr Robot Hacks Headquarters thinking about TV crossovers so much these days?

All will become clear very soon! But make sure you pop your e-mail address in the above box as we’ve a very special treat coming soon for our loyal subscribers.

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