Mr Robot Funko Pops Are Finally Coming!

Mr Robot Hacks has good news for all you well-adjusted miniature-collecting adults out there… after two years wait, Funko have finally announced that they will be producing a line of Mr Robot Funko Pops!

We mentioned them briefly in our Valentine’s post but we thought that they deserved a whole post to themselves! Especially now the rise of geek society means we’ve all got a little younger recently. What do we mean by that?

Well, in 1989, a forty-year-old man was arrested as a paedophile in my town. His crime – “getting excited about Tim Burton’s Batman.”

Okay, I completely made that story up but it could have happened because thirty years ago, comic book shops were only one step up from your average “adult” video store – here; watch a young Mr Robot (Christian Slater) in this NSFW clip from the brilliant True Romance by way of example…

If I saw a grown man in a comic shop back then, I’d have immediately ridden my BMX Mongoose home as fast as I could and got my mom to call the cops. Now, I’m one of them!

Twenty years ago, we comic-book reading nerds were considered saddos, but nowadays everyone watches superhero movies and collects Funko Pops! So what changed? Well, society changed; video games, the Internet happened and we all became more dependent on film and television. But one of the main changes came when 2008’s Iron Man made it okay for grown men to be big kids!

And now, a decade later, not only is it encouraged but positively reinforced through the sentimentality of shows like Stranger Things and The O.A. that celebrate our 1970’s, 1980’s and even 1990’s Spielbergian magic of our childhoods.

Mr Robot Funko

They always remind me of a line from Jaws – “Black eyes, like a doll’s eyes”

American company Funko recently released news of the Mr Robot line of miniature toys at the London Toy Fair… (and there was me thinking that Funko were Japanese. Why would I think that?)

Here they are again without the New York streets as backdrop:

Mr Robot Funko Pops 2

With characters like the Sherlock gang, Dr Who, Daredevil, The A-Team and even Arseface from Preacher and Marcel the monkey from Friends having their own Funko Pops, why did it take two years to make a Mr Robot line?

+Mr Robot Funko Montage

It took me all morning to make this montage!

After checking out Funko toys on the net to make this pic, I admit it… I’ve changed my mind – I want a Mr Robot Funko and I want it now!

The bad news is that the two year wait is not quite over!

Mirroring the fact that no-one has a clue when Season 3.0 of Mr Robot is due, all we know is that these Mr Robot Funko Pops will arrive “sometime in 2017”.

So go ahead and file that under “Hell. Freezes. Over!”

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