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I know, I know. The offseason sucks and the few months since the season finale aired and the waiting game for next year feels like an eternity already. We’ve already suggested some shows or movies that might interest you to tide things over, and we’ll continue to do so.

On a similar note, we’re also keeping tabs on some of Mr. Robot’s alumni – whether they were “Poochied”, on hiatus, or (most commonly) just plain dead. Below are some of the works they’re currently in on.

Who Killed Jonbenett

Michel Gill (Gideon Goddard)

After getting killed off unceremoniously, we got a quick glimpse of Gideon again as part of the “throwback” episode playing a cop on the receiving end of a hit-and-run from Alf. Since then, we’ve seen Mr. Gill go back to his Netflix roots playing the small part of Mr. Gunns on the period piece The Get Down. But his most significant role to date could be on the upcoming Lifetime movie Who Killed JonBenét? In which he plays John Ramsey, the father and one of the suspected murderers of young pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey, in a mysterious true story that still has many wondering who the true culprit is.

This Is Us

Ron Cephas Jones (Romero)

His death wasn’t “unceremonious” considering that it jumpstarted a number of significant events in the series (Mobley and Trenton fleeing in fear of a purported clean-up crew, Dom coming across a leaflet) but in the end, it was revealed that he was a casualty of an unfortunate event that had no ties with the series whatsoever. After Mr. Robot, he also starred in a few Netflix projects as well – with fellow Mr. Robot alum Michel Gill as Winston Kipling on The Get Down and chess master Bobby Fish on Marvel’s Luke Cage. His notable role though is on NBC’s This Is Us, playing the protagonist’s allegedly long-lost biological father “William” and considered a breakthrough character by many.


Sandrine Holt (Susan Jacobs)

Susan Jacobs, we hardly knew ye. The ice cold counsel of E Corp (nicknamed “Madame Executioner” in fact) and Smart Home owner, lasted only two episodes but played a pivotal role as the first known kill by our “heroes” by way of a Taser to the heart courtesy of Darlene. She’s now playing the part of series regular Patricia Thornton on CBS’s MacGyver reboot. If you’re familiar with the Richard Dean Anderson version, yes, the character is similar to his “boss” (that’s actually her title even on the show) only played by a female this time around.

Morris from AmericaCraig Robinson (Ray)

Before joining Mr. Robot as the show’s Dread Pirate Roberts equivalent, Craig Robinson was well known already in television (part of The Office’s warehouse people and appearances in many others) before branching out to the big screen in Judd Apatow projects and several other box office works. His character (and arc) is most likely done considering that Elliot has left prison already where he serves as the warden, but knowing Sam Esmail, he might return in the future whether as a flashback or as a recurring character. For now, you can see Craig in the critically-acclaimed dramedy indie movie Morris from America, in a departure from his usual roles, playing the father of an aspiring rapper in Germany.

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