Which Mr Robot Cast Member Was Almost KIDNAPPED by Hackers?

After two seasons, you’d think the cast of Mr Robot would be pretty savvy when it came to keeping their information safe, but alas no, so when one actor left their travel plans for the whole world to see, they almost got themselves kidnapped!

Despite the fact the cast have Kor Adana – the show’s Tech Producer/Writer (and ex-hacker and FBI consultant) on hand to write the show’s best episode and help them not get hacked, that didn’t stop one cast member getting PWND five times!

Yes, good ole Angela Moss, aka actress and Trump protester, Portia Doubleday who states “I’ve been hacked so many times” and one time it could have been a whole lot more serious that it was…

Kidnapped - True Colors

The 28-year-old revealed that “hackers” somehow got into her travel plans and when they worked out that she would be uncontactable during a flight to Los Angeles, they called her grandmother and pretended to have kidnapped her, demanding a ransom in exchange for Doubleday’s safe return.

Kidnapped - Angela

So it was nothing like this, and no-one played the entire Back to the Future soundtrack to her.

However, when she got off the plane, Doubleday, completely unaware anything untoward had occurred, drove toward her parents’ house.

In an interview with W Magazine, Portia stated “I don’t know how in the universe this happened, but my Grandmother, who was there looking for me, saw me driving by,” Doubleday recalled. “She was on her way to the bank to get the ransom money! And she drove past me and was like, ‘You’re alive!’ I said, “What?!’ It was super gnarly. It’s scary how easy it is.”

Yet here, Portia tells a slightly different version of events saying she missed the plane ride. Hmmm.

Whichever way it unfolded, Mr Robot Hacks is sure Portia would have been okay as the hackers would probably only have transported her to a dark room and made her play a weird-ass computer game from the 1980’s.

If things really went south, Portia could have dealt with her would-be kidnappers in the same way that Bad-Ass Mofo, Stephanie Corneliussen dealt with her stalker!

While us sorry bunch who aren’t Hollywood actresses are far less likely to be almost kidnapped, it’s a reminder to us all to keep our info protected. Stay safe, folks!

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