Wonderful World or Mad World?

Is 2017 going to be better than 2016, or are we all in for more of the same? Do we live in a Wonderful World or Mad World?

I guess the answer depends on how perception… whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

Or as Elliot’s jail-mate, Leon so eloquently put it:

Mad World - Leon

“Do you dream, Elliot? You scraping so hard like you ain’t ever asked yourself this before. I said do you want to be here right now? And I don’t mean like here here, but I mean here in a cosmic sense, bro. Like, existence could be beautiful or it could be ugly, but that’s on you.

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The first is Joseph William Morgan’s (feat Shadow Royale) cover of Louis Armstrong’s infamous “What A Wonderful World” while the second is Michael Andrews featuring Garry Jules cover or Tears for Fears “Mad World”

Speaking of which, Our Mr Robot Hacks New Year’s video is also a Tear for Fears cover. If you haven’t checked it our yet, where have you been? It’s pretty damned AMAZEOMG’s, even if we say so ourselves!!

This Mad World v Wonderful World could be an interesting social experiment in optimism v pessimism…

If one video weren’t miles better than the other. Do you agree that one is vastly superior to the other?

Get voting and get sharing. Thanks!

Oh, and the results for our last fan-video battle went overwhelmingly in favor of “I Want You To Leave”

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