Leon The Professional

Mr. Robot LeonWhen discussing Season Two, the talk will almost always revolve around the most obvious: high above the list is that crazy motherfucker of an acid trip that is the 15-minute Full House homage. It could be the big reveal that Elliot’s been incarcerated all along, which certainly caught many viewers off guard. Perhaps making sense out of White Rose’s cryptic side deals and meetings in conjunction with the Dark Army’s end game or more popularly known as “Stage Two”.

The new characters are surely a popular watercooler topic too, with Agent Dom drawing a larger amount of interest due to her off duty quirkiness that has many speculating as to whether there’s more to her than just being the determined pursuer. It also helps that she’s played by Meryl Streep’s daughter. At some point, Ray attracted a fair bit of debate as well due to his penchant to wax philosophical about Elliot’s “dark passenger” and his Deep Web marketplace, only to have his storyline cut short abruptly – whether for now or for good or if ever he truly is a “Dread Pirate Roberts” stand-in or a mess hall cook that Elliot hallucinated, remains to be seen.

Buried in the rubble however, is Leon – a guy that was introduced as a token black person who loves basketball and deals drugs, with some cracks (no pun intended) of intelligence gleaming through by way of his analytical take on Seinfeldian humor and going “Deepak Chopra” every once in a while. We then find out later that there’s more to him than he lets up, bailing out Elliot during an ugly retaliatory prison rape and implying that he works for the Dark Army. He also shows up during the season finale stinger, managing to track down the on-the-run and strongly presumed-dead pairing of Mobley and Trenton.

Who Leon truly is and who he’s working for is still up in the air and is a nut that’s a tough one to crack, even by Mr. Robot standards – which makes Season Three all the more interesting. Still, he’s one of, if not the best new characters to emerge this season, and we’d like to make a case supporting that claim.

Gay PornHe don’t judge, bro!

He has everything an inmate seeks – including gay paraphernalia! And he doesn’t give a shit if you’re into that. That’s a rarity even in our politically-correct and progressive culture, especially for a guy of Leon’s ilk.

SeinfeldHe loves Seinfeld!

Well, kinda. The reveal that he’s been binge-watching Seinfeld as part of his routine of going through the prison’s video collection of vintage television series’ (with Mad About You preceding it) kind of messed with the narrative a bit, but it still gave him plenty of plus points on our geeky eyes – multiplied by ten once he went into great detail about the show and even more so when it’s revealed that it’s all he talks about during lunch time with Elliot.

Got The TimeHe may be Whiterose’s enforcer.

As of the season finale, there really isn’t any solid confirmation whether he works for Whiterose or not. The “Tell Whiterose I did you good” happened shortly before it’s revealed that the entire events from that point and back are all a figment of Elliot’s imagination and the “Do you have the time?” is a tad inconclusive.

That said, if he really is working for Whiterose, he very well could be an enforcer – which is something I can get behind at, and he does strike us as a very convincing badass after all. His aura and fighting skills are more at home on “The Wire” than a techno-thriller.

I mean, just look at that ice-cold stare.

Leon Death StareAnd lastly…

Michonne - LeonMr. Robot Bail Michonne - AndreaHe is Mr. Robot’s “Michonne”!

The similarities are uncanny. The race and dreads and take-no-shit attitude (when need be) are already a given, as well as the perma-sneer… but one scene in particular underscores this comparison – Leon making a huge last minute save for Elliot while dressed in a hoodie that nearly obscures his face. It’s very reminiscent of Michonne’s debut from Season Two.

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