These House of Cards Characters Would Fit Perfectly in Mr. Robot

Mr. House of Cards

Going by memory alone, I think it’s safe to say that the fifth season of “24” started the trend of hiring actors from an entire movie or show en masse, usually from cult sensations. If you’re keeping score, they took four from “Robocop” – making sure they brought Kurtwood Smith (who played the deviously iconic Clarence Boddicker) and his nos. 2 and 3 along with “Robo” himself Peter Weller. “The Walking Dead” would do the same thing years later, signing up many of “The Wire’s” notable cast.

On a more recent note, we saw “House of Cards” serve as a pitstop of sorts for “Person of Interest” alums – most notably Michael Kelly who plays Doug Stamper. But there’s another guy that worked on both shows before landing in Mr. Robot, and that’s Michel Gill who played Gideon Goddard or arguably his breakthrough role President Garrett Walker.

Michel Gill will eventually be joined by Sakina Jaffrey (his Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez) who now plays Antara Nayar, a criminal prosecutor meeting up with Angela from time to time to discuss E Corp; Sandrine Holt, last seen as the incumbent CEO of Clear Water Initiative and now heartless lawyer and smarthome evictee Susan Jacobs; Jeremy Holm (Stamper’s FBI contact) who serves as Tyrell Wellick and Joanna’s “cleaner”; and on a lesser note, Erik Jensen who played a guy named Fitz but has a comparably longer role here as “Let’s Be Frank” host Frank Cody.

But we think Mr. Robot has barely scratched the surface on the “House of Cards” guys. Now that the show has been picked up for a third season, here are some of the actors from that Netflix hit, we’d like to see on the third season.

Rachel Brosnahan


With the show possibly milking the “Will they or won’t they” angle between Angela and Elliot, Rachel’s “Hot Topic” looks and “twisted show” pedigree will certainly fit in like a glove either as Elliot’s new love interest or as a femme fatale ready for some steamy make out sessions that cable allows. But hey, maybe Sam Esmail has bigger plans for her other than the usual two-dimensional sex object roles she’s been getting. We’re not complaining either way.

Nathan Darrow


Everyone knows him as Edward Meechum or simply just “Meechum” – Frank Underwood’s ever ubiquitous bodyguard who proved his loyalty to the bitter end. His fragility helped balance out the dark nature of HoC which I don’t think is welcome in Mr. Robot, and it’s a bit hard to detach Nathan from Meechum the same way David Schwimmer was with Ross, so he definitely has to play a bodyguard or agent, possibly for the FBI or E Corp or less likely for the Wellick’s considering that Mr. Sutherland is already there.

Gerald McRaney


Everyone hates an oligarch, and we could easily picture Gerald McRaney playing a similar character to his “Raymond Tusk” either as a ranking executive with E Corp or – more appropriately – working with the Chinese. That Mandarin would be an added bonus as well.

Gil Birmingham


Speaking of Tusk, another guy available in free agency is his “partner-in-crime” Daniel Lanagin, who played the jerkass role to perfection as a Native American casino owner who pulled off the rare feat of winning a verbal tussle with Underwood – and lived to tell it all. Like Tusk, he also has E Corp executive written all over him and has shown to be quite the chess master too.

Jimmi Simpson


We saved the best for last in the sense that he’s (Gavin Orsay) also a hacker. Also, like Mr. Robot, his character was a first in Hollywood Hacking in that he’s not some obese nerd with leftover cartons of pizza, he’s actually quite refined. In addition, he swears by the same principles as hacktivists in that he’s not willing to sell his own people out at all. All in all, this is an Fsociety member right here. And there’s a strong likelihood he’ll bring “Cashew” with him.

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