Grace Gummer Plays An FBI Agent Looking to Take Down fsociety

Admit it, when word got out that a “young FBI field agent” was cast early in the year with the explicit role of tracking down Elliot and fsociety, you’re thinking it’s Inspector Javert all over again that ultimately tapers to Sam Gerard as she growingly sympathizes with her targets and becomes an ally. It’s a female agent though, so I think Pamela Landy (of the Bourne series) is more appropriate. Either way, we were all surely picturing an agent hot on the trails of our hacker group, chasing them through rooftops and is always a step ahead of her compatriots, but conveniently too short with her prey every single time.

For the most part, this prediction was spot on. Gummer’s Dominique DiPierro – or simply just Agent “Dom” – does exhibit the traits of your stereotypical TV special agent. First on the list is her latent “action girl” abilities, proving that she’s very good with firearms and combat as she displayed composure and reflexes by calmly dispatching the masked assailants on a surprise attack that even viewers did not see coming. I mean, Zerg rushing an FBI party? That’s bold, guys!

She appears to have an advanced grasp of computers and is aware of the fail safes most cyber-criminals use (as evidenced by her casually warning a forensic guy to watch out for rigged ports) and possibly knowing well in advance the futility of digging around there considering her nonchalance on what they might find on that yard. Not to mention that she keeps her phone locked up in a “Faraday Cage” of sorts.

She’s incredibly determined and tough, as evidenced by her refusing the mandatory time off after a traumatic shootout. Then again, cliché dictates that they refuse that offer aggressively. And she pieces together things and moves quickly, albeit still in a realistic pace.

In short, she looks exactly like the implacable woman and the type you sic on a bunch of criminals on the run that you can bank on to deliver.

Agent Dom and Elliot

But this is Mr. Robot. It can’t be that easy.

Sure enough from the get-go, our super-agent is just as troubled and quirky than she lets on publicly. In fact, she shares quite a bit of these eccentricities with our “hero” Elliot. They’re both loners with their own way of coping from said isolation with Agent Dom taking it a step further by pleasuring herself (creepily hinted as a nightly routine) to chat sex as opposed to Elliot just privately bawling at a corner. They’re both into drugs with Dom showing an innate ability to roll joints, which is probably a first for a detective that’s not on BBC. They can dig a little too close (and quickly) for comfort as we’ve seen with Elliot’s post-Silk Web discovery beat down and in Dom’s case, her travel party to China and wandering on Whiterose’s exorbitant collection of time pieces. They also share some vulnerabilities – Elliot with his CD collection trophy (protected, yes, but could still be exposed potentially) and Dom with her usage of Alexa, which was shown early in the season as something that can be exploited easily. Dom does have better social skills, capable of striking conversations with strangers spontaneously, a stark contrast to Elliot whose attempts at socializing is absolutely cringe worthy.

So where does Agent Dom’s character go from here?

It’s looking more like the parallels to Elliot are intentional and we very well may see her transition into an ally once she realizes she has a lot in common with him and possibly fsociety as a whole, judging also from her nihilistic thoughts (i.e. asking about the end of the world out of left field) and background.

So yeah, Inspector Javert meets Sam Gerard is the most likely direction for her character.

But like I said: this is Mr. Robot. I doubt Sam Esmail will just allow her character to develop into such an obvious trope. Or maybe they’ll concede that we knew about it? Nah, I have faith on the former.

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