On The First Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Gave To Me…

Hello, Friends! First things first, after the political shenanigans of the last month or so, we thought it high time we bring the sexy back

So stretch out your legs, relax for a couple of minutes each day as we bring you the best of Mr Robot that you haven’t seen – the fan-made paraphernalia, the music, the outtakes, hidden easter eggs, videos and everything you love.

Basically so much Mr Robot, that you’ll be talking to imaginary friends!

We realize¬†we’re starting a tad early (and that there are only really twelve days of Christmas) but we like to be a little maverick and that means double the trouble! So over the next twenty-four days, we’ll be bringing you a little treat every day from the Mr Robot Hacks advent calendar.

So without further ado, let’s get it started…

Here at Mr Robot Hacks HQ, we really dig this Friends / Mr Robot mash-up intro scene, brought to us from youtube user Answer Machine.

It really captures the fun that the cast have on set, which – let’s face it – is something that the show itself seriously lacks!

First - Rami

See – he can do more than that one ultra-serious face!

Not only do we get to see serious grumps like Elliot and Mr Robot himself playing the fool…

First - Christian

we get to see some familiar faces beaming…

First - Portia

some old, forgotten friends cracking up…

First - Leon

and some fallen heroes remembering better times…

First - Romero

RIP Romero

Hell must have have frozen over if Ice Queen Stephanie Corneliussen stops terrorizing her stalkers and laughing like this:

First - Stephanie

You’d think she’d be used to things that are “a little cold” coming from Scandinavia!

Don’t worry if you missed that this episode of Mr Robot was called The One With The Sonogram At The End – we did too!

I wonder if Mr Robot will look as dated as Friends in 22 years! Remember Matt LeBlanc is now in his eighties!

Our favourite moment has to be the hands on the keyboard Рperfectly emulating and in time with the hand claps from the famous The Rembrandts song.

We’ll be back with Day Two of our Mr Robot Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar…

See you back here same time tomorrow!

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