Curse You! What Have They Done To Elliot’s Apartment Block?

Last week, we brought you Mr Robot’s Grand Tour of New York City, and one eagle-eyed viewer has noticed that East Broadway has been gentrified and that Elliot’s Apartment has been given a lick of paint.

I mean, I like Farmer’s Markets as much as the next ironic bearded lumberjack impersonator but I kinda preferred when Lower East Side was all crack-dens!

Here’s Elliot on the stoop of his building, watching Shayla walk off into the sunset… Click here to see the Grand Tour.

New York City Map

But then we noticed that Mike Cane had noticed on his site that Elliot’s building had gone from this:

Elliot's Apartment 2

To this:

Elliot's Apartment 3

Which means we ain’t gonna see any junkies like Elliot and Shayla hanging out there anytime soon and, in all likelihood, no more Mr Robot scenes shot there… which is a shame cos the stoop of 217 East Broadway has gained cult status among us fans.

The building reportedly sold for $3.3 million and Brite Cleaners next door has been leased for a whopping $8,500 a month! If any New Yorkers could post a comment on our Facebook page to tell us what’s there at number 219 East Broadway now, we’d love to know.

My money is on next door’s last two letters “ET” being from some kinda organic whole food market. Not that there’s anything wrong with organic food, quite the opposite – it’s just… Not Elliot’s neighborhood any more!

Still, it’s a good job they haven’t replaced Elliot’s skinny black jeans and black hoodie for blue jeans, blue hoodie and camel colored coat…

Elliot's Apartment Fashion Icon

and in doing so turned Rami Malek into a fashion icon…

Elliot's Apartment Fashion Icon 2

taking part in ridiculous photo shoots yet.

Arrrrghhh! Curse you, Hollywood!

We reckon Elliot would look much better in his dad’s janitorial brown jacket, which you can win a signed version of by bidding on e-bay below… but you better be quick!

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