What if Elliot and Darlene AREN’T Brother and Sister?

It’s been a while since we’ve come up with any of our crazy theories here at Mr Robot Hacks HQ, but as we sat down to watch some of the old episodes, something struck us – that Elliot and Darlene aren’t actually Brother and Sister…

Brother and Sister gif

Now, we know we might be some months (or years!) behind, and realise this kind of discussion must have been had by fans before, but the more we thought about, the more it made sense.

The Evidence:

Well, let’s start with the most obvious. When Elliot kissed Darlene and she recoiled in horror… Darlene repeatedly asks Elliot if he has forgotten who she is, but the scene has been written in such a way that Elliot remembers and reveals “You’re my sister”

Darlene never says it. Elliot does. But why doesn’t she say it? Why has the scene been specifically written so that it’s Elliot’s reveal?

Okay, so on Dom DiPierro’s FBI Evidence Board, she is listed as Darlene Alderson but on USA Network’s own Season 2.0 poster of all the characters, Darlene’s surname is strangely absent. Why?

Brother and Sister

They give Elliot’s full name, so why not Darlene’s? It’s not as if they didn’t have room, as they spelt out Dom’s longer name – does this mean USA Network know something we don’t?

Darlene was noticeably missing from all the early Alderson family photos and only Mr and Mrs Alderson and young Elliot appeared in a hugely important Season 1.0 moment; Sam Esmail saying “there’s a reason why [Darlene is] not in the Times Square sequence.”

Hmmmm. Could that mean…

Theory Numero Uno:

That Elliot and Darlene are in fact Foster Brother and Sister? Think about it. Elliot grew up in an abusive household. While Edward let him name his computer shop, defended his thievery and took him to see Pulp Fiction – he also threw him out of a window, landing him in hospital and possibly causing his brain to go horribly wrong.

Brother and Sister Young Elliot

We know that Mrs Alderson is now in some kind of care home, meaning that at some point (probably) after Edward died, she couldn’t cope, was institutionalized and Elliot taken from her.

When these facts are taken in consideration, they could mean Elliot went into foster care, where he met Darlene and they became so close they were LIKE brother and sister. They could have been fostered out to a family and actually grown up together as siblings.

Brother and Sister Kiss

This would explain Darlene’s horrified reaction to the kiss – while not actually biologically related, in her mind, they are brother and sister.

Theory Numero Duo:

Mr Robot (the show) has pulled the rug from under us many times, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. But what if the whole two seasons so far have been pulling our legs in another way. Namely that Darlene doesn’t exist!

Most scenes that feature Darlene and Elliot feature only Darlene and Elliot but she has also shared screen time with Mobley, Trenton, Romero, Dom, Cisco and especially… Angela – who she’s known since they were kids.

Brother and Sister gif 1Brother and Sister gif 2Brother and Sister gif 6Brother and Sister gif 3Brother and Sister gif 4Brother and Sister gif 5

Yea, other people regularly interact with Darlene and we know she’s currently in FBI custody with Dom… but wouldn’t Elliot be exactly the type of messed-up kid to invent an imaginary sister to get him through the pain of growing up alone in care?

And isn’t Elliot the kind of kid who would name his imaginary, curly-haired brunette sister Darlene after the cool, feisty, take-no-shit-from-anyone sister in a sitcom he’d have definitely grown up with – Roseanne?

Brother and Sister Roseanne

What if Darlene was another alter ego of Elliot’s? A female anima to his male animus? They are pretty similar types of people to start wth – male and female counterpart already, right?

Wouldn’t it be the most Esmailian trick of all? I can completely imagine revisiting this below scene to find only Angela standing there in the graveyard with Elliot.

Brother and Sister 3

Case in point, would you agree that there’s something far too intentional in the way these two shots have been filmed – the way Elliot looks at Darlene and her positioning. Maybe that’s just me wanting to see that.

How do we explain Angela, Cisco, Trenton, and Uncle Tom Mobley and all interacting with Darlene?

Well, as ever Mr Robot Hacks has a theory about that too, but that’s a whole other post for another time!

2 thoughts on “What if Elliot and Darlene AREN’T Brother and Sister?”

  1. Darlene cannot be imaginary as the scene with Angela at the ballet studio wouldn’t make sense – Angela would be having a conversation with a figment of Elliot’s imagination in front of a room full of people who aren’t staring at her like a crazy person? One thing to consider, in the Red Wheelbarrel Elliot discusses an incident when him and Darlene were kids and Darlene brought home a cat, trying to hide it from their mother. He didn’t mention it was a foster mother and referred to her and describe her with the same consistency he did his birth mother.

  2. b3 easzy Archi, I found my self blabbering out loud… “what! no bs…” and ” what are talking about?!” but quickly remembered that theorist will do what they do I feel it but though I haven’t recently watched the show but being cursed with with a socialy debilitating photographic memory… of wich between this post topic and the first video… Elliot and HIS SISTER… by way of sanctioned manner (marriage, adoptions, ovary buddies etc)…. He tries to kiss her, SHE said it… leavi out the possibility of non-familial ties (double negative, sue me)…. Now An alter ego…. I do not put it past them for a secong BUT in restrospect when Elliot was gone someby and his “Dad” was in charge like the setp of the seasson 2 premier…. That mean all schen with this chick…. was elliot…. and therefore the interaction between him/her and fsociety people…. darlene ran the dc opp, killed that rich evilcorp chick so on… every one around was like YO Elliito … no I mean err Stev… Darlene! yeah you! NO!

    !. Either their all part of his skitsk out social justice brain…. whichg Okay boom wow! BUTTT meh
    2. or … Or I cant wait for fkn seasson 4 gdmintm posting comments when I should be getting ready for work fkn teasing ass…. They better bring back that seasson 1 gangster, heavy on the hack side plot rather than this character suspence stuff….. or… or, I mean Ill still like but I wana see some goverments branches get pwned with a ducky… paper clip, a text message…mmm anbd like some 35 liner rshell….

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